Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NOVA Open Update: Old Shatter takes on Jawaballs

I am honored to accept the challenge as put forth by the infamous, internet personality, Jawaballs. We shall meet on the field of battle on the eve of the NOVA Open, sending our little plastic men into combat for guts and the glory of the greater good.

Shas'la! Prepare the Kauyon!
Pulse Rifles? Check!
Markerlights? Check! 
Railguns? Triple Check!

Let's kick this Gue'la in his namesake!


Gredus said...

Dude that's awesome! Finger's crossed you do well!

CJ said...

hahaha so funny you both play both armies so no surprises. Should be a great match be sure to get some video feed on this because it will be epic :D!

Good Luck mate For the greater good of the Tau!

Jawaballs said...

Nice. I have a week to model up some Tau doing the greater good and providing 'services' to my terminators.

Muskie said...

Good luck! Who is typing up the battle report?

Jawaballs said...

Im sure there will be two equally skewed batreps for this game.

Wadmaasi said...

Hopefully you won't lose an entire Broadside team at the bottom of round 1 to a single rokkit launcha...before they got a single shot off. Stupid Dawn of War deployment... I still won, but only because the game rolled all the way to Turn 7:

Inquisitor M said...

this sounds like a fight to remember. good luck

Sholto said...

Sounds epic! Love to read that batrep :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you there. Maybe you can come on 11th company podcast and talk a little about your game. We will be helping the Gamer's lounge do coverage.

Pat, 11th Company

Cobalt Cannon said...

Hi Osh.

I'd love to see a video play by play of that game if Jawa doesn't mind taking the time for it. Good luck and kick those blood angel flamers' butts! I mean, they use flamers..ya!

Win Osh! lol

Fritz said...

Let's kick this Gue'la in his namesake!


Old Shatter Hands said...

Guys, thanks for the support!

I expect there to be a Jawa-Camera and even some podcasters around so you're sure to be informed of the game.

I just read Jawa's post. I think he's in for a surprise.