Saturday, August 7, 2010

Whiskey Challenge at the NOVA Open

The NOVA Open Whiskey Challenge is really something I am looking forward to and such excitement has kept my motivation up to finish preparations on my army's appearance and even some army list tweaks. I am also lucky enough to be challenged by Jawaballs himself. If you haven't heard of Jawaballs, check out his blog: I've contributed to his blog in the past and hope to do so again soon when my Blood Angels project gets kicking again. 

I'm sure his army is made to kick ass. From what I've seen on the web, Jawaballs has a strong grasp of the rules and a tactical mind to challenge even Fritz himself. His army bristles with twin-linked lascannons and touts the popular thunderhammer terminators. This is certainly a foe to reckon with.  

Time to consult the Ethereals: 

-Oh Great Ethereal, Master of the Tau'va, please guide our Cadre in the eradication of this Gue'La Commander and his Red Army. How shall I beat this Gue'La into submission?- 

-Play to your strengths young Shas'La, minimize your weaknesses. Be confident and command with skill. Unleash short controlled bursts of fire-power. If all fails, send in some Kroot to engage and then kick in your retro-thrusters for a "tactical withdrawal" (wink, wink)

-Your wisdom knows no bounds, oh Great Aun,-


CounterFett said...

That's Terrific!

Marshal Wilhelm said...

I think you mean Tauriffic ;)

It is a shame that you two are playing one another in that you can't give away too much beforehand.

I look forward to the Batreps from you both ~ we'll see two opposite reports of the same events and even a look a your psyches.

Though I like Jawa too, I will be going for the Tau. I guess it is some kind of MEq backlash ~ lol

Eat plasma fire gue'la!

Cobalt Cannon said...

I'm anticipating some big suprises from your force OSH. That's going to be an aweful lot of missiles flying down range each turn. I bet this game would be a great one to watch mainly for the commaraderie that you two will probably show while blowing each other up. Good luck, and may the dice be with you (oh yea, the force too).

Your Death Rain team leader/commander looks fantastic in paint. I can't wait to see the rest of your new additions.