Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tau of War Poll: How long have you been executing the killing blow?

Yesterday, I realized I know very little about readers of this blog, with the exception of the most common commentators. That's why I've set up a little poll to the right here. ---->

I want to get an idea of how long you've all been playing Tau and whether you play Tau at all. I might have a few more polls coming up to get a better sense of the kind of posts I should be publishing. 

Thanks for taking the poll. 

Happy Hunting!


Stillfrosty said...

Hey Shatter Hands

This is Stillfrosty from ATT and you have a very impressive Tau blog if I do say so my self.

To answer your poll question more formally I have played Tau since they first came out, but I recently did (more like 2 years ago) and major over haul of my army incorporating the massive amounts of Kroot into the list once the Kroot Mercenaries became illegal. Now I have a massive kroot renegade army where the Kroot are in charge and its awesome.

If you need any Tau related materials, feel free to contact me because I have a few opinions on how the Tau work, not to mention some pretty cool conversions.

Hit me up at

I look forward to hearing back from you!


MonkeyLeader said...

I grabbed them when the first came out. Loved the look of the models (still do) but haven't touched them since 5th edition came out.

With my gaming group, I find they aren't competitive enough with the builds I'm facing. As well, with the release of the Space Wolves, I've been enjoying using the new codex, since it's been almost 10 years since they were updated.

I can't wait until they get updated to fit into the 5th edition points structure.

Rasmus Olesen said...

I never played tau but i been a fan of your work for over a year now and i injoy reading your insights on your army and see your fantastic paint jobs and convertions. I play IG catachans myself.

Firewasp said...

I initially started playing tau about january this year. My army started as part of a tale of four gamers challenge organised by a mate. One of my reasons for collecting tau was I wanted something different to an assault army, I couldn't face painting a guard army and nobody in my local store played tau. plus I hated them, strange reason to pick an army. But when I was playing templars I always loved the thought of smashing them apart in combat, but no one played them.
since starting them they have taken over as my main army, my templars sitting on a shelf. I enjoy the challenge of playing them. my new favourite army.

sonsoftaurus said...

I had a Tau army back with the old codex, have had my new version for a year or two now.

Flex said...

Tau-playing lurker here.

Playing for a little over a year with Tau. My "Taurror of the Xenos" (who can resist a good Tau pun?) hasn't always lived up to my expectations, but I manage to constantly surprise with some of the tips you've posted. The tactics on the drones, or burgerbots as I now enjoy calling them, was priceless.

Your customizations and kitbashes have really inspired me to take my Tau force to the next level. Your commander, OSH, also inspired me to create my own story and flavor for my commander. What uniqueness my Tau have are often commented on (too bad I paint at glacial speeds.) I'll send a picture sometime if you're interested.

Either way, I salute you and your blog, sir. I appreciate your insightful articles and love what you do for the Tau community.

Aloh'Nan'El said...

Since right after 5th edition.
Before that, I had played a Green Knight army in Fantasy on and off with rules that I had bought at age 8. Didn't really care too much about the game though.

tim said...

i have been playing tau ever since i started playing, about 2 years ago. they constantly live above and beyond my level of expectation.

check out my blog:

Bluecup said...

I'm still putting my first units together from the battle-force I got a week ago.

NockerGeek said...

Technically, I got into the game before the end of 4th Edition, but I didn't really start playing in earnest until a few months before the edition switchover. I still miss the ol' Fish of Fury tactic... good times, good times.

Anonymous said...

Been playing 40k for about 8 months, and tau for about 7.

I got hooked first on the look of the models (bought a few for other SF wargaming) then a friend of mine loaned me the codex, and I was hooked.
I now realize after playing other armies (nids, and marines) that tau are NOT the best choice for a starter army, and the learning curve has been quite steep.

However, that said, I enjoy the challenge of them and find it makes victory that much a sense of accomplishment (tau take a lot of strategy to pull off against a good player).

I love reading your blog, and many others...

I have started a simple terrain/gaming

Dave Pak

Kroxitau said...

Since they first came out, but didn't really play against random people until about a year ago, went to my first tournament last January

Marshal Wilhelm said...

My story is a bit sad, but I'll share it anyway :)

I loved the Tau as soon as they came out. My brother bought the Codex and before 'count as' was trendy, they were on our TT [though not actually Tau minis of course ~ lol]

I was born in '81 and had grown up with Battletech and Voltron. My two older brothers also liked this sort of stuff.
So when they came out, we were all 'wowee, isn't that cool?!' about them.

My brother loves Marines, but has never really enjoyed the GrimDark GW pushes, and dreams of the day when Marines use the best of the Imperial & Tau stuff, like sleek floaty tanks, etc.

Anyway, all of my battles were against myself ~ I like to win, alright! :P
and it has only been in 5th that I started playing against other people, as I had a long time away from hobby things.
The start of '09 was when I started *my* Templars [though I having intense wobbles towards the Wolves] and Tau.

My theory is massive and my games are few in comparison, which is something I am fixing. I do have 2 decades of gaming experience though [more Blood Bowl, Man o War, small games really] as my family are all SciFi or Fantasy fans, so I can see where the Net's theory is valid or hopeful.

"More gaming, less braining" is now my motto.
I will say that my stints on B&C, ATT and YTTH have actually really helped my TT performance.

Well, that's me then :D

Rus'El said...

I've been playing Tau ever since I got back into the hobby, right before the release of the 5th Edition (I went out and brought the 4th edition rules about two months before the change over, nice one!!).

Still haven't mastered playing with them yet, although I've started to play more games recently. Hopefully with more experience and tips from here I should start to see some more wins.


Antisocialnerd said...

I've been playing tau for maybe 6 months still assembling and painting my full 2000 army takes a long long time only played a few 500 point games so far still learning the rules.