Monday, January 10, 2011

Conflict GT aka Shameless Name Dropping Post

I just wanted to post a quick update to my blog. I will be attending the Conflict Gt in New York this weekend. Jawaballs has graciously offered his couch for me to crash on, making it possible for me to attend this event. I hope I don't stink up his place to much!

I was about to go with a Blood Angels army with a list I hadn't ever played with but after a practice game with Mike Brandt, I realized I just don't know the army well enough to bring it to a major event and thus reverted to using my Tau. Better to go with an army you know in and out, than an army you don't. I'm running a largely infantry force with some markerlight support in the form of 2 minimized squads of Pathfinders. It is isn't very much different than previous builds of mine in terms of firepower and move blocking. I'm still running 10 Crisis Suits, 4 Broadsides and 3 Piranhas but the pathfinders will make the fire power more effective with the removal of cover saves.

This weekend I set to work on 6 more twin-linked missile pod, flamer suits (Deathrains) and I completed about 75% of the assembly stage. I've come up with some new conversions for these guys, while keeping them very uniform.One thing I have done is removed the bulbous missiles from the missile pod and replaced them with sharper missile tips from Imperial rocket packs and so on. They look great and  I can't wait to show you them.
So from today until Friday, I will be posting the progress of these models everyday. We'll call Countdown to Conflict. The first installment comes soon.

The Conflict GT is aiming to be a great event with a lot of well-known players showing up like Alex Fennel, Dan from Ten Inch Template, Matt from Black Matt's Black Legion Blog, as well as Fritz from Way of Saim Hann. I'm looking forward to meeting all these guys in person. More than that I'm looking forward to subduing the barbarian hordes in New York and showing the burning light that is the Tau Empire. Peace through the barrel of a railgun.


Black Matt said...

Old shatter,
Look forward to meeting you and seeing your stuff in person!

Pete W said...

You'll kick butt, OSH I'm sure.