Monday, January 10, 2011

Countdown to Conflict

The first installment of Countdown to Conflict. Here are 2 of the 6 twin-linked missile pod suits that I am building for this tournament. My list has 10 of these suits in it, the goal to utilize the increased accuracy of twin-linking, so I can save markerlights for cover removal rather than boosting the to-hit roll. Once the enemy unit has been popped out of a transport, it's time for the kamikaze-rush-in to drop 3 flamer templates and then assault block. 
As you can see, instead of loading up to missile racks on each suit, I've decided I want to represent the 'twin-linked" rule by equipping each missile pod with an independent targeting system, that follows the movements of the pilot's head, to a degree. The second pic below demonstrates one of the design flaws however, as the suits will have to turn completely to the right to target units on that side. Alas, even the great Fio'O have not come up with a solution yet. 

Tonight, I'm aiming to complete assembly and flock the bases on all 6.


Luckless Xenos said...

Looking great as always. The flamer on the first suit looks interesting, especially the turned forearm.

I also like the missile pod targeting system but are these Shas'vres? They have two guns and a multi-tracker so the missile pod can't be twin-linked otherwise.

Amazing work!

Pete W said...

Looking good. Can't wait to see them painted

Fritz said...

LOL! You paint stuff faster then Jawaballs!

Flamers Bah! Sad face on my harlequins and pathfinders!

Widthofacircle said...

I am going to be building myself another 6 Fireknives in the next week... They're for a Tourney.

They won't look as good as these though. :(

Old Shatter Hands said...

@luckless xenos. These are normal twin-linked missile pod and flamer suits. I decided I would represent twin-linked by a targetting device. The multitracker is just for show.

The turned forearm is a pretty good solution to making believe underslug weapons. I like how it looks...

@widthofacircle, good luck. I find assembly line style works great for churning out models....even with multiple conversions, like these.

FromTheFang said...

Eeep! I've just realised all my flamers are upside-down!

Joshua said...

I am curious as to the “design” flaws of it. Let me explain my confusion and hopefully this may help explain it or fix that comment. In our times there is a difference between a rocket and missile, which normally a missile now means a self-propelled guided weapon (even though it may refer to any thrown or launched object). Take most first person shooter games and the rocket launcher, launches a self propelled but unguided projectile at a target. Basically in this form the rocket (missile) fires in a straight line until it hits an object to detonate. Now a guided missile I would say fires more like the Dragon or the newer Javelin missile. The Javelin is a fire and forget system, where you target lock, fire and then can drop it and move your eyes off it. The missile will find the target; normally it fires in an arc or for tanks, bunkers, foxholes or trenches it will come straight down.

With that out of the way, I would say that as advanced battle suit and advanced technology (advanced targeting arrays and systems), you could make the missile pods point upwards. Basically the missile will fire straight up, engage it’s rocket engine and correct itself toward the enemy. I would even say that a Tau could get a target lock (like Top Gun) fire and then move the head somewhere else and it still work.

Sorry for getting “real life” technical-ish in a fantasy game setting. But I think your idea will work regardless…I mean you could in essence have the missile pod pointing left and the head pointing right, and the missile will get there.