Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Countdown to Conflict Part 2

So here am I, day 2 of the my countdown. I've finished assembly now on to painting. First I always undercoat my Tau Cadre in Leather Brown from Army Painter, then I paint the bases Bestial Brown and drybrush it with Snakebite Leather, Bubonic Brown and then finally Bleached Bone This gives me that nice warm desert color. 
The next step is to paint all of the basecoats. I mixed up a pot of OSH Khaki for this as you can see below. It is 2 parts Vallejo Model Color: Khaki and 1 part Vallejo Model Color: Dark Sand. I used an old washes pot for this as these have a superior cap design. 

Below you can see the models with the base color of OSH Khaki. Time is ticking but I am pleased with where I am at right now. I think I'm going to meet my deadline. The next step with be painting all the dark green parts, the black parts and then the white ones. After that, it's on to shading the models. More to come!


HuronBH said...

I like what you have done so far. The idea of adding the targeting system to represent Twin-Linking is a good one. My favorite part of the model though is the head. You always have the best Crisis Suit conversions.

Anonymous said...

I'm following along as I start up my own Tau army. I'm pleased i'll get to see some painting tips over the next few days

Fonkin said...

I love your suit mods! You have done a hell of a lot with just the basic xv8 model and bit options. Why oh why did I glue mine together???!