Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Countdown to Conflict Part 3

Day 3 of my countdown.

This is turning into an interesting view of my process. First I lay down all my base colors, then I shade the model, then I highlight it and paint all the little details.  

Here you can see that I’ve completed my base colors. Painting the green parts with Orkhide Shade, the balc parts (legs, weapons, other mechanical parts) the white with a base of Deneb Stone. Once that was complete, I mixed my special “outlining wash.” This is scorched brown, with a little black, watered down and mixing with a dab of white glue. The glue is important and it pulls the solution in the recesses of the model, much like a citadel wash.

At this stage, the models look rather messy but that’s the shading stage for you. The next stage will be to clean up the model and begin highlighting them. I’ve got 2 more nights for this and I am very pleased as it looks like I will hit my deadline. 

Crisis Battlesuits are a lot easier to paint when you paint them in pieces. You can see that I have not glued the heads or arms and this allows to me to apply paint on those hard to reach places. Painting the heads separate also makes it easier to paint the lenses and details. Heads need to look awesome as they are the focal point of the model. It also helps if they are painted in lighter colors than the rest of the model.  


War Tales said...

your models are absolutely awesome.Thanks for sharring

The Brotha said...

You are a beast with painting. Good luck this weekend.

The_Jackal said...

Are the antenna you use from Stealthsuits?

Very nice models and paint schemes.

Saint Omerville said...

Between this and your commissions, you are one hard working dude!

Good luck at Conflict. If you want some practice games, let me know.


Saint Omerville said...

Between this and your commissions, you are one hard working dude!

Good luck in the tournament, if you would like some practice games, let me know.


Old Shatter Hands said...

@somerville, Yeah i know, my eyes hurt from so much painting. You should see the ogres though, they are coming out awesome! I gotta do an ogre post next week.

@the jackal, yes those are from the stealth suit set.

@brother, thanks man, I hope to do well. I have a feeling I'm driving up to go oh-fer but hey, at least there are going to be some cool people there and its 5 games in one weekend. With the wife and kid at my in-laws, I gotta take advantage. BTW, I might be dropping by Dream Wizards tonight...

Misterben said...

Your work really does look great!

I agree that Crisis Suits, and indeed most WH units, are more difficult to paint when fully assembled. I usually paint them on the sprue, then assemble them and do any touch-up or detail work. That makes it much easier for me to paint those hard-to-reach places.