Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last day to bid on Sanguinary Priests

Today at approximately 3pm Eastern, the auction on Brother Corbulo and his cadre of 2 Sanguinary Priests. Check it out:

I've also got a Land Raider:

A Chaplain:

and Blood Angels Biker Squad:

Those last 3 end tomorrow. And yes, I am totally whoring out my blog for these auctions. Hope to get some Tau content up soon.


Grajo said...

All you blood angels are great (as all your minis), but this corbulo is totally over the top, brilliant painting, and I cannot stop looking at the optics in the backpack... What colours did you used to paint the optics?

Old Shatter Hands said...

Thanks, Grajo. The optics are painted with hawk turquoise. highlighted by adding white. Hawk turquoise is a great color for adding to details on mostly red models, because they compliment the other colors very well.