Monday, March 21, 2011

Mounds of Meaty Muscle: Ogre Army Commission Near Complete

This Ogre Kingdoms Army is my first ever entire army commission. Luckily the client has been generous in the deadline, because I've had to push it back twice already. Such is the reality of a new father with a full-time day job! I am proud to say that, bar from adding static grass to the bases of 12 models, I am 100% complete with all the plastic components of this army. That's 48 Gnoblars. 20 Ogre Bulls, 8 Ogre Leadbelchers and 4 Ogre Ironguts. No small feat I assure you. I've got 2 Scraplaunchers, 1 Ogre Tyrant, 2 Gorgers, 1 BSB and 1 Ogre Butcher to go. 

It really has been a joy paint all these guys. With my busy schedule, I wouldn't take any army out there but when the client told me it would be Ogres, I was really excited to get started. Brian Neilson sculpted the plastics and he's always been one of my favorite members of the Citadel team. His work is impressive in that he always makes sure that his creations are 100% anatomical plausible and that really suits my aim of capturing of gritty realism in my work.

If you're interested in a commission, email me at timandlucka at gmail dot com. Although I am booked with Army Commissions until September, I might be able to fit in a squad or character model somewhere. 


Pete W said...

Good job my man. They're looking really nice. Hope the scraplaunchers don't drive you completely insane in their complexity ;-)

I'd like to commission you a to paint me an Imperial guard army. 6000 pts, all foot troops in mardi gras colours.....just kidding. Shame I didn't win that titan or you would have got to have fun painting that thing.

PS: Got the first part of my Deathwing army (SW terminator box). I'm thinking they should be called Death-Grey-Space-Knight-Wolf-Wing. Too much of a mouthful?

Dreamseed said...

Amazing job! your the man! read your blog for a year now. Exelent Stuff.

Richard Erwin said...

I finally got to play the Imperial Fists using the strategy you were so kind to send me. Sadly it did get me through. It was a 5 objective Spearhead game and I had perfect deployment with two Kroot Screening units and 2 Fish Of Fury in reserve. My opponent had two Landspeeder Storms, a drop pod of veterans, a land raider full of Terminators and two thunderfire cannons and scouts. I stole the initiative but he was able to scout move his Storms behind walls. Both of his thunderfire cannons were fortified on top of buildings and my broadsides and Ionhead could not wound them. He then deep stuck the veterans in front of me and, combined with 8 template thunderfire shots, wasted the Kroot. The survivors both fled off the board. I was down to two scoring units turn 1. Turn 2 one of the devilfish came on, and in spite of parking them behind cover, got wrecked and then the thunderfire cannons, which ignore cover saves, ate the 6 fire warriors. I was down to 1 scoring unit turn 2 and I called it there. He still had 3 scoring units, two of which were in Storms. I don't know what I could have done differently. Maybe a submunition shot on those thunderfire cannons to get around the cover save.

Richard Erwin said...

I meant I didn't get me through. Alas.

Grajo said...

Impressive ogre army!!!

I like how the skin, clothes and tatoos makes the army totally cohesive, and the rusty metals are very very nice.

I cannot wait to see the tyrant, bsb and butcher painted!!!!

Richard Erwin said...

A few weeks ago, in the Blogroll area, there was a post about homemade resin Cyclome Missile launchers. Do you happen to recall what site that was?

Cobalt Cannon said...

Fantastic work as usual, however I am noticing improvement in your technique. The transitions from light to dark are becoming much smoother. The armor on those ogres has so much character in it. It really suggests a hidden story behind what those ogres have been into in their past. Some might just say it's good weathering, but the degree of complexity, in it and how you applied the metallic scraping on it, really shows a lot of thought in each piece of armor, not just each figure.

Your client is very lucky, and I am sure will be very happy. It's worth every penny.

Constructive criticism for consideration: Do all the Ogres shop at Men's Warehouse? They all seem to have the exact same color of pants. lol Like they all have the same tailor or all visit Target once in a while. I know it's so difficult to paint so many figures and keep a cohesive army scheme. I would suggest slight variations in the shade of pants, even if they are all brown, maybe make some closer to a khaki or others closer to olive. Subtle variations in shade.

I would really like to see an ogre band visit Target by the way. The babes there are great to watch, but Ogres would give it that little extra pinnace.

Old Shatter Hands said...

@richard, Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you. Tough game! 40k is hard, aint it? Thunderfire cannons can really wreck your day, luckily you don't see them too often, they're kind of a less common unit in SM armies. Don't know who was making the resin could probably make some from Tau missile pods though!

@colbalt, Thanks for the kind words. Yep, I hear ya on the pants. Some have some variation. Could use some more. I'm on to the metal models now. Rest assured, the won't have the same color pants!

Anonymous said...

how did u paint that skin, looks so A-w-E-s-O-m-E!

Thx if u tell :)

Tim said...

@Anon, I followed the GW method that was out lined in a WD. But here's what I did, over a brown undercoat:

Paint the skin with deneb stone.
Mix a pot of 25% shadow grey, 25% graveyard earth, 50% kommando khaki.
Paint the skin in that color.
Then do a layer of kommando khaki
then do a layer of bleached bone.
Then do a final layer of bleached bone plus skull white.