Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Desktop Shot: Long Fangs

Long Fangs are in demand these days, this is my second Long Fangs commission and I'm surprised I was able to muster up enough missile launchers for it. These guys are nearing completion. I think maybe two more nights of painting, maybe one if I move fast. Then they get boxed and sent out to the client. 

One thing I like about this group are the subtle conversions I made here and there. The Pack Leader is actually operating his auspex and his head is a scouts head. Scouts apparently have no necks and are slightly smaller than a full grown space marine's. I used greenstuff to build up the neck and by making it a little longer than usual, I managed to solve the scale problem.  

This unit has really made me want to build and paint a Space Wolf Army of my own.

In other news, I placed a mammoth order for a huge jetbike army. It'll be here soon. I really can't wait to get started on that. It will hopefully re-invigorate my passion for gaming.  


Pete W said...

Looking really nice on these Space Wolves. I love the Long Fangs' background and I'd definitely field them, just a shame they are so frequently spammed.

I think the conversions really bring some good character to the unit.

Grajo said...

Very very nice Space Wolves armour and nice and characterful squad!

Anyone said Missile Launcher Spam?? ;)

Bradimus Prime said...

Looking good OSH keep up the good work, I'm really liming the highlighting.

Gramps said...

OSH, let me know if you need any base decorations for your DE. I have some plastic Cadian bodies that I have no use for (most not put together). nothing like some IG slaves/tortured souls.

message me on the ICGC forums if you are interested (free).

Black Matt said...

you need a space marine army, just like evryone else! I know your temptedd!

Drathmere said...

I'm with Matt. Everyone needs at least one marine army.

Cees Jan said...

Looking good OSh nice conversions and clean paint job all the way.

Looking forward to your jetbike project could you reveal the nature of the army? (dark-) eldar?

Dj Batman said...

I really like your colour scheme and am searching for one for my own Wolf army atm. Any chance of more photos and maybe a recipe?

I noted the missile launchers are like the new GK storm bolter colours, very nice. Thanks and keep up the great work.