Monday, April 4, 2011

Infinity the Game

Lately I have become very interested in Infinity the Game. Infinity, for those who haven't heard of it, is a skirmish battle tabletop game, like Necromunda and Malifaux in it's size of battle but not in it's scope. It's produced by a Spanish Company, Corvus Belli, who were recently guests on Beasts of War Youtube Channel.

The game is set in 175 years in the future of our world. This is very important, because in the game you'll find all the contemporary world powers represented in the game. There is a huge Asian conglomerate power, the Yu Jing, that features units and troops from China, Japan and other Asian nations. Americans have been fused with the nations of the UK and Russia, and become a power, less advanced technologically due to isolation from Earth and the Human Sphere for a century.

The game can be incredibly detailed; your futuristic soldiers can doctor wounded comrades, hack into enemy computer systems, and use camouflage to move undetected across the battlefield. At first it sounds complex, but the core rules are fluid, simple and easy to learn. You'll never need more than 4 dice at a time, in contrast to 40k where you often find yourself digging out 20-30 dice from your stash.

What I like most about it, is that although it's still based on a "you-go, I-go" turn system, your enemy can react to your moves in your turn and vice versa, making for a game that engages you throughout its entire length. You don't have to watch your opponent move and shoot uncontested during his turn, you get to fight back.

I haven't even mentioned the miniatures yet. They are, in my humble opinion, the best miniatures available on the market today. Every model is expertly sculpted with near flawless anatomy, posed in dynamic and fluid stances that imply action. You have to see for yourself. It's hard to look at a 40k miniature the same way after you realize what Corvus Belli has achieved with this range.

I've scheduled my first game for next week, and I plan on doing a short battle report via Youtube. I know, I know, all this text and no actual in-game experience. WTF? That's bloggers for you! I am in no way endorsed by Corvus Belli, either, just really enthusiastic about this new game.

I'll be proxying my Tau force for a Pan Oceania battle group. Pan Oceania is the future manifestation of the western powers, rich, technologically advanced and domineering, they field some of the best shock troops, Orcs, and have powerful TAGs, or battlesuits. Check out this video to learn more.


Simon said...

Looking forward to the battle report. I agree, Infinity has some of the best minis out right now.


Saint Omerville said...

Are you playing anywhere local or at a store? I would love to watch.


Old Shatter Hands said...

Saint O, we're playing at Dream Wizards on Wednesday around 7:30...I know I know, it's a little smelly, but hey, they got tables.

I'll be proxying my Tau but I just wanna see in-game how the mechanics work out.

Pete W said...

I'm tempted by this game too. Gimme some HaqqIslam and I'll be ready to rock and roll. Or the nomads. I like the idea of a space faring society

Duront said...

Hey, would it be cool if I came and watched to? I have been trying to get into a new gaming scene and I love the style of this game

Psybilliah said...

@ OTC and Mike

Wed is new Minis night at DW, no magic players, much less smelly, some new terrain and some new faces. Plus open until 10pm now.


Cobalt Cannon said...

So you discovered Infinity. Cool! I personally have not played it, although I have read the free downloadable instructions. The miniatures are every bit as beautiful and phenomenally detailed as they appear on their website. I bought the Oniwaban and Saito Togan ninja minatures, and they are incredible! I haven't painted them yet, since they are queued behind my eternally enduring tau army. Darn I am slow! There is so much detail in them, that they can really be a daunting task to paint to justification. This actually concerns me. I'm so worried about not doing a good enough job on them. Luckily they are both wearing armor and helmets, so I don't have to worry about their faces. lol

There is another game out there that you might enjoy and check out. HEAVY GEAR, BLITZ!
Their website is
The thin g I enjoy about this game also is the linking it has to what our human civilization might actually be like in the future setting-wise. From a play perspective, it also allows your forces to react during your opponent's turn, and deals with electronic warfare, air strikes, and artillery, paratrooper operations, stealth, etc. It also has something I have not seen even in Battletech. There is an element of simulation in that you actually "Pilot" your units. Slow down, speed up, cut turns, Decide to use your robots wheels to skate along or run, etc. Also it's a ton cheaper than WoW to get into, like Infinity is. There are a bunch of games shown turn by turn on youtube also. Check out their website and forums there-in linked. And look at Mason's work in the modeling section. I think you'll appreciate it.

Cobalt Cannon said...

hmm did I say WoW? haha I meant warhammer 40k.

Well it's cheaper than world of warcraft also. hahaha

suneokun said...

Welcome to the Rebellion ... I picked up a tonne of Haqqislam earlier in the year and am loving Infinity. Remember a couple of key things:

a) lots and lots of cover, all on the same level. Infinity is about closing up fast and snipers can quickly dominate the game.

b) Like a flower, infinity looks simple but opens up tactically like a flower... keep the list simple, keep your target in mind and keep your Lt and medic safe!

c) Consolidated moves ... three guardsmen can mow down a space marine...

I've played a half dozen games and I'm still grappling with the layers of this game. It's majestic.

Don't get too down on 40k though, you'll be digging out those Tau soon enough - something about just 'doing your thing' without interference is a nice rest after the knife edge of I.

Stay connected ... [snigger]

Marshal Wilhelm said...

.... and then?

Old Shatter Hands said...

Sorry Guys! Game was postponed to next week. Had to watch the week for sure.

Hudson said...

I'm currently playing as well. It's everything 40k USED to be before it became a system to make GW money. Flawless and sleek Infinity is pretty slick

My blog is at

Hudson said...

I play

It kicks the crap out of 40k

Can read about it here