Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon: Blood Angels Army

Friends and Fellow Hobbyists,

Jawaballs has officially announced the Blood Angels Build Team for the Heroes of Armageddon project. Check out his post here: Jawaballs.

Apart from being extremely smothered in jawa-love on that post, I am really psyched to be apart of this project. Jawaballs has done a great job of coordinating the team and making sure we all have what we need.

Last night I began furiously assembling the Sanguinary Guard and planning out their color-scheme. Right now the concept is majority yellow-gold and white, with black and red spot colors here and there. I've checked my ancient supply of Citadel Washes and re-read Jakub Rune Nielsen's tutorials on painting gold so I am ready to go.

Then I am on to work on a squad of Scouts. I am really excited about the scouts and I plan on going to town on them with conversion work and even some re-sculpting of their legs.

However, before I do I need some help from all of you. First of all, what is the best "stuff" for sculpting? Green stuff from Citadel, Kneadlite, Pro-Create? What is best for a beginning sculptor?

Also, what is the best armament for a scout squad? I am thinking shotguns, a missile launcher and powerfist on the leader. What do you all think?

Lastly, I'd just like to remind you all who are the Heroes of Armageddon, why, they're YOU...but only if you support the project. Check out the paypal widget on my blog and support this effort. Doctors without Borders needs your support to save lives, that's how you can be a hero. I've already supported the project with a 10 dollar contribution in addition to my regular monthly support to DWB. Be like me! As little as 10 dollars from each of you will make a huge difference.


Tristan said...

I wouldn't put shotguns on the scouts - especially if you are putting in a missile launcher. I would either go CCW scouts w pfist OR either bolters/snipers w missile launcher but not a mix of the two.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

I would go to B&C and track down GreatCrusade08. He is an Ultramarine player, and uses a near100% Scout list, and quite successfully.


This is exciting.


The Storm Wardens actually excited me a lot, so this will even more so ^^,

Greatcrusade08 said...

scouts are very unforgiving if you load them up wrong, giving them a long range weapon like a launcher doesnt blend well with the close range shotguns.
Also you have to look at how many scouts your running and how your going to get them into combat. A fist whilst an amzing weapon wouldnt lasty long in a 5 man squad, a round of shooting could see numbers fall to a point where youd never get to swing the fist in combat.
generally i use fists on ten, Pw can be helpful on 5 man squads because at least your hitting back most of the time.
The exception to this is with LSS, if you can gaurantee combat with all 5 scouts a fist becomes viable again.. i realise BA dont have LSS, but you can load them up in a raven or outflank them.

Tristan summed it up pretty well
bolters on scouts is a big nay for the most part, it doesnt really give them a use, they just sit and plonk away with a few bolt shots at BS3, not good, as shooters snipers are the way forward, at which point youd leave the ccws at home (inc fists).. the best use IMO is as close combat bully unit, BA have the added advantage of furious charge and FNP with your priests, but even without it, ccw scouts have the same offensive power as assault marines, they do however die more quickly with WS3 and 4+ save (note that once your down to two men, one being the sergeant, youd use WS4 as your 'average'.. it can help in protracted assaults).

As for load out, shotugns can help, especially against High I low save opponents like eldar, daemons and the like, its essentially more hits at I11, the most accepted ratio is 50/50 ccw to shotties, i only use 4 in 10 myself and always take them as first casualties in assault as they lose thier usefulness in later rounds.

I hoped that all helped

Morgrim Dark said...

Tim, I saw that Jawa loving and felt it was entirely deserved! Sounds like a great team... look for something coming your way from 23lines soon!