Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon Update

Here is just one of the 5 Sanguinary Guard that I am painting and donating to the Heroes of Armageddon project. Metallic Gold is proving harder than I thought to get to a high level of quality, without it looking ordinary. I've already used countless washes of old GW inks and washes and at the moment I am OK with where they are at now. Still not 100% satisfied but we'll see as the model gets more color on him.

The wings are something else, and these picture doesn't do them justice. I am pleased at how they look now and I really like the definition and high contrast I've achieved there. Citadel Shadow Grey, you are my best friend.

I am holding myself to a much higher standard for this project. Why? Because it is for something greater than just gaming, it's for Doctors Without Borders! On top of that, I've got the pressure of these being displayed to the all the attendees at Games Day 2011.

More pics to come as I get close to completing these, the emperor's finest.


Richard Erwin said...
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SC John said...

looking good, and I know how you feel as the best models I have ever done were for these projects as I was mixed in with some heavy hitters and I didnt want to let any one down.

Looking forward to seeing more

Santa Cruz Warhammer

idget said...

Those wings are gorgeous!
If I could paint half as well as you, I'd be a very happy man...

How's your Eldar project coming along? Upload some pictures already!

Old Shatter Hands said...

@idget, Good memory! All the units and models have been purchased, but the Heroes Project has taken up all my time and I haven't even assembled a single model for my new eldar army! Though I am very happy when I see the stack of 3 fire prisms on my shelf!

Pete W said...

I really like the gold tone that is coming out right now. The sheen on the knee and foot in particular really make it glow to me.

Looking forward to seeing some pictures of the whole army :-)