Friday, June 24, 2011

Support your local Armageddon

Howdy all, there's a huge Blood Angels update on the Jawa blog at the link below. The Sanguinary Guard are 99% done, with only the banner still in progress. I'm proud of what I have done with them but I must say the experience of painting these models was humbling for me. I wanted to hit a higher level of quality than I did and it made me understand the level I am at right now and areas I want to improve. For now I am moving on to the banner and then the Stormraven, but I will revisit these models if time permits.

One thing you absolutely must see (beyond Mike's Stormraven) is Jawa's Land Raider. The pictures don't do it justice but I can see just how beautiful the model is coming out to be. Check it out and tell me what you think.

All  those beautiful models could be your but only if you support the cause!


Drathmere said...

Sure BA look nice, but we all know it was the Steel Legion that really bled for the emperor! Jokes aside, your SGs look really good.

The Unnamed said...

wow your Sanguinary Guard look awesome man. You've inspired me to try and paint mine with that bright metalic gold. Its a great look.

Richard Erwin said...

Do you know of anyone who has the old Space Wolf banners scanned? I am trying to reproduce them.