Saturday, July 16, 2011

Captain Tycho for the Heroes of Armageddon - Blood Angels Build

Better late than never, right? While Jawaballs is fuming up in Connecticut about the late arrival of this little guy below, I am busily getting him ready for the army. 

A couple weeks ago I was shipped out some parts to make a Captain Tycho conversion. The pieces were all there, I just had to work how to fit them together well. But I put it off. I had 5 scouts and a storm raven to assemble and paint. Plus my own gaming interests, being a dad and having a full time job, and one that has been quite demanding of late, I might add. Not making excuses, I'm just saying (aint that a cliche).

You may know that I have been playing Infinity a lot lately. It's a great game, and the level of complexity makes for unique games every time. But the miniatures are really what draw me to it. They are gorgeous. They proportioned right, they are realistic (well as realistic you can get in sci-fi really), and they are stylish. 

After being exposed to such perfection in scale and anatomy (no, not bathroom anatomy), it's hard to pick up a 40k fig and be satisfied. They're just neanderthals compared to Infinity models.  So you can imagine, that when I looked at the parts I had to make this model, I knew I had to change something. So I pulled out my trusty hack-saw and went to work. I am quite pleased with the result. Not perfection of Corvus Belli caliber, but in my eyes a serious step up for a Games Workshop model. 

I did a couple of things. First I cut the legs just above the knee, and re-sculpted new thighs and waist. This essentially removed the bowl-legged look of the space marine. Then I positioned the combi-weapon so that it appears to have some weight to it. Because, by god, are they ridiculously large weapons, incredibly unwieldy and awkward. I can't imagine how someone would be able to fire one with any accuracy, with one hand alone, as Space Marines often do. At least now it is supported somewhat by his other hand and arm. 

I also sculpted on the mask, which was nothing spectacular. Once painted though, it will look great and fitting for Captain Tycho. 

This model will be included with the rest of the great Blood Angels army that you can win, but only if you donate and donate often. Use the paypal widget on this blog to do so, even 15 dollars puts you in the running to winning one of four beautifully painted armies from lots of great modellers. Even if you do not win, you win, because you are donating to Doctors Without Borders, who help those in need all across the globe in places where few other NGOs dare to go. 


Spiderpope said...

Really nice plastic Tycho, i'm looking forward to seeing it painted.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

I guess I had better start looking at Infinity miniatures, since you've become such a fanboy :P

I too have branched away from GW, though unto Warmachine. I had played Confrontation back in the day and though it was alright, it didn't set my world alight. Infinity does seem somewhat like Confrontation.

To be fair to GW, they have never gone for 'real' sculpts and it has always been in the 'heroic' style.

I have done some combi-bolters of my own. I never really like the full sized special weapon [which is one shot] and then something like a bolt pistol underneath. The bolter is the main gun, and the special is the fun size part. So I use a regular bolter and a pistol -> either a melta or plasma or flame pistol, all of which come from the Blood Angel range.
Then I change the ammo clip for a storm bolter one, because I think they look cool. But the regular magazine or belt are fine.

I fondly remember Tycho back in WD, when he just seemed so cool in the studios new BA army. His death-mask and pose just looked so cool!

You've done a good job, even if you don't love GW minis anymore :)

tim said...

Wow, great stuff OSH. I'm sorry to say I will have to steal your idea for the legs.

Grajo said...

What is really nice about this conversion is that you can take a quick look at it and totally recognise that he is tycho.

Old Shatter Hands said...

@Grajo, Great. I am glad that he's recognizable. Really important when doing conversions of unique characters.

@Marshall, I agree, combi-weapons need to be re-done so that the special weapon part looks like a one shot version of a larger weapons, maybe they should use real-life versions as an example (I am thinking of the M-16s that have little grenade launchers on them). Yes, I also really like the original Tycho model, but for this project, it just had to be conversion for uniqueness. :)

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Post #52 has my side-by-side Bolter and plasma pistol arrangement.

It is not perfect, but I like it :D