Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just a Fun Painting Update and more on the District 9 Suit

Here I am. Out to re-paint this old battlesuit. So far I've only done the tan part of his armor. Before I had all this pretty amateur battle damage and paint chipping on this guy and it all just looked wrong for some reason. I've come a long way since I originally painted him so I am repainting certain areas. I still plan on doing some paint chipping and battle damage, just more controlled and less over the top. This model actually kind of requires it, because the Forge World Resin has lots of air bubbles in it. I need the paint chipping and such to cover that up. 

I can't wait to do this for all of my Tau models. Some really need it.

Here's a sneak peak of my Su-Jian Immediate Action Unit. More to come.

I ordered myself some of these old AT-43 models that you see below. I see lots of potential on that model for bits for my District 9 suit. The basic frame and legs will be used as a chassis for the whole model. It'll look really different when done. I hope to keep ya'll updated.


Cobalt Cannon said...

Hi Osh,

I see where you are going with this, now that I have seen the AT43 model that you bought.

Here are two website that I think will help you in your conversion as sources of materials:

Both of these product lines can be found in most model railroad shops, and you can buy the stuff online as well. Plastruct has everything. If it's needed for professional modeling, architecture, whatever; Plastruct makes it.

How are you going about this conversion? Have you made yourself a plan with sketches? It might be a good idea to plan this out in stages, so you don't get too far in one part of the conversion and suddenly think, "Oh Crap!! I should have done this first!" It'll also give you a finish line for this.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Colbalt, great comments the last couple days.

I looked at the Gruntz stuff. Pretty cool and I like how they made a whole D-9 set, but as you see I'm looking for 28mm scale so that won't work.

My plan.

Start with the torso. I am going to create an armature of the torso and use green stuff and guitar string to get the basic shape right. then once it's sort of fleshed out, I going to use plasticard and tau bits for the armor. it's important for me to get the silhouette looking right. Then I can be loose with details.

The legs will be coming from the AT43 model, with attached armor plates and cabling to bulk them out a little.

Arms will be mostly plsticard with Tau and imperial weapons. Wish me luck!