Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tau Crisis Suit Repaint and 40k from an Old Man's Perspective

A couple weeks ago, I picked up this old model of mine and had a good look at it. Then without a thought, placed it on my painting table beside my other models in progress. While waiting for paint to dry on other models, I'd pick this guy up and dab paint on him. I completely re-did his armor plates and his plasma-rifle. I even placed some transfers on him and tried out a new thing- burn marks on his plasma rifle. It's something I had been thinking about doing on my suits and I used this models as a trial run. I like it but I'm not yet committed to doing that on all my Tau stuff. 

I don't know if I'd call him completely finished but I am done working on him for now and I've placed him back in my army carrying case for safe keeping. 

I played my first game of 40k since January this year. It was fun but I had forgotten how many dice you have to roll in that game. It's a little excessive. So at least 5-6 times a turn, you pick up a handful of dice to roll to hit, then you pick up a slightly smaller handful of dice to roll to wound, then your opponent picks up a handful and then he rolls his save. Your opponent then removes 1-2 models from his unit. Then you Choose another one of your units and do the whole process over again. Am I the only who thinks, this is one handful of dice too many? By the end of the game three hours later, my back was sore from all the leaning over the table to scoop up dice. Must be that I am getting old. Or just used to chilled-out skirmish games like Infinity.

Heh, getting old. Reminds me of when I went out to a bar in Adam's Morgan a couple weeks ago after months on end of parenting. I'm all pumped on the way out the door, but when we got to the place, my first thought was, man, am I tired. Then second thought was, it's loud in here. Ha! 

Now where did I leave my reading glasses?


Martin said...

That's how I used to feel about 40k pretty much all the time. Or rather, we were enthusiastic going in but after a couple of hours it was more about finishing it than really caring about winning. Hmm...

For those who enjoy it, more power to you! But to me an my group the mechanics simply don't go well in hand with large scale wargame like that.

Anyway, nice job on the suit! I like the burn marks.

When will we get to see the Su-Jian? I'm looking forward to reading your detailed explanation on how to do the chipped paint effect. ;)

It's something I've always wanted to do, but never got around to.

Marc said...

You're getting old and you are not alone. I'm grumpy playing that game. I have not played since June. I am working on something for later but not playing.

Games like Infinity and Warmachine in my case, are fun to play as you do not get so tuckered out.

the updates to the suit are nice. i find myself doing the same thing. none of my models are ever really finished.

Old Shatter Hands said...

exactly! tuckered out is how I would describe how I feel after a game of 40k. The rules just aren't designed well for the scale of armies we see today. I might just lower my points level to 1500 or lower to shorten the games and the amount of die-rolls.

Marc said...

I love the genre, the universe, the background, and especially the models! I wish there was some way to enjoy the game without making playing the game laborious. I agree the rules need a revamp. Good luck with your painting!

Old Shatter Hands said...

Marc, have you ever played any small skirmish style narrative games? I've been reading the tales from the maelstrom blog and I have been thinking about running some rogue trader style games...where two players face off with a RPG-style GM who designs the scenario and runs the game. I would be interested in running one of those with you and anybody else you'd think would be interested.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

We play 1500 pts in Melbourne, Australia.

The thing is, playing 40K at more points than that means a few things:
• Lots of dice and lots of models. That all takes time.
• High points means instead of facing tough decisions, its more about how much desert I want packed into my list.
• High points exposes bad/old Dexes. Less points means the gap between C:Tau and C:GK has less chance to open up.
• If a dude is getting beaten, he doesn't have to wait near two hours to be released from his beating.

I'm looking forwards to Warmachine, where games seem to take an hour or less. I don't want to be moving a carpet of dudes for a game.

3 hours for a game is way too long, lol.

Marc said...

I have not tried any narrative miniature games before. I would not mind trying it out once.

Kyle said...

Seconded all around. I keep having a hard time getting into 40k anymore. Just seems so tired and old. Maybe a new edition will reintroduce more tactics than put as many tanks/meltas/melee guys as you can on the table and just hit the opponent.

I love Warmachine and Hordes because its more complex for tactics, but mechanically simpler. I also have a warband for Malifaux to test out, and am starting to get interested in Infinity (I blame this on you).

My girlfriend and I have found on some Saturday nights, its time for bed at 8:30. Yeah, getting old can suck. lol

Cobalt Cannon said...

Heya Osh!

It's good to see some of Shatterhands' cadre again. Your touch-ups look good. This time around your photos also let me see some cool details on your models that I never noticed before, like the metallic part underneath the space marine jump jets. Nice touch to the conversion! Did you get around to touching up the metallic right hip actuator inside the hip joint? The photo is showing it either miscast ( Pff to be expected from forgeworld) , or some of the metallic bled into the recesses. The plasma rifle looks really good. Lots of complexity in the detail that you added. I'd hate to think what's on the end of that rifle. Is it just carbon scoring or maybe essence of orc? Given the position of the hands on a crisis suit, it makes sense that those weapon barrels might be used for hand to hand as well as shooting.

Bah! You're not old yet. Kids sure can make you realize how much you've been slacking on exercise though. My nephews wear me out too. You work a full day, take care of the home, car, bills, food, and kids. What do the kids have to take care of? Of course you're tired! hahaha You work your butt off just to live! The kids get a free ride. If the kids had to work every day, take care of the house and car, and pay the bills, and feed you, change your diapers ( Not that you're into wearing diapers ), and keep you entertained, they'd be asleep the rest of the day too. Oh yea, the kids would love it if you woke them up every night crying for food at 3 am.

It's understandable. It doesn't make you old. ; )

take care

Valk said...

We have a gaming club in our college, and tend to have small 40k battles there every Friday, and keep the game down to 1200 pts.

As for dice rolls, i believe it's part of psych warfare. Dishing out 42 shots from a single 10 man scourge squad can be scary.

BTW, the paint job on the plasma rifle is astonishing.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Cobalt, thanks for the kind words and yes, I need to touch up that spot. Great catch, Thanks! I don't think it is a miscast just something I missed.

I just think the to-wound roll is unnecessary. It's a carry over from previous editions that included smaller armies. That's all. At 1200 points it makes sense at 1750 and up, it just seems redundant to me. Just my thoughts.