Monday, December 26, 2011

Blood Angels For Sale

I am clearing out the final pieces of my Blood Angels army and wanted to post them here in case a reader wants to buy them. I'd like to sell this lot as a set which includes the following:
3 Rhinos
1 Death Company Dreadnought, with Heavy Flamer and Meltagun, from Forge World. 
3 squads of 5 Blood Angel Assault Marines with Meltagun and a Leader with Inferno Pistol and Power Sword
5 'extras" assorted Blood Angels Assault Marines armed with varying wargear - use these models to customize your squads some more or as a new squad on their own. 

So as a recap, 20 Marines, 3 Rhinos and 1 Forgeworld Dreadnought. 
I'll ship worldwide, but you'll have to cover the shipping costs. I will provide the box and foam for protecting the miniatures in transit. 
If you're interested, email me with a serious offer to timandlucka at gmailocus dot comicus.


Squad 1

Squad 1's Rhino

Squad 2 with red blood drop over yellow marking

Their Rhino with corresponding Squad marking:

Squad 3 with white skull marking

Their Rhino with white skull makring:


All 3 Rhinos together: 


Valk said...

Hope this doesn't mean that you're leaving 40k for good.

Your vids on Tau have helped immensely, and bonded me closer to my army.

Good luck on your sales!


Kluzo said...

Wow these look amazing! Good luck with the sale.

Edward said...

I'd be interested in only Squad 2, w/o Rihno, plain 5 marines

Tim said...

SOLD! Thanks guys!