Thursday, December 29, 2011

Infinity Painting Contest

A gentleman by alias of BlitzJaeger recently administered a Painting Competition on the Infinity Forums. We were given an approximately 3 month period to complete models and submit them in various categories. While I could and perhaps should have spent more time on my entries, I fared rather well considering.

Check out all the entries by clicking this link: Painting Comp Entries

I submitted two models in two categories.
The first is the Gui-Lang Sniper that some of you saw on Remote Presence. Here's the little bugger in case you missed it. (which you probably did Remote Presence simply doesn't get lots of hits). This little paint-job, while relatively modest, won me Third Place in Category 1, which included some pretty stiff competition.

In Category 2, which featured all non-TAG Remotes and medium sized Infinity models, akin to Terminator sized models I suppose. I entered in the Su-Jian Immediate Action Unit which is actually a transformer in the game. It's two models for one unit. These two pieces got my 1st Place in Category 2, out of three entries so not exactly too much to write home about, but still I'm proud. 

This Spring, there will be another contest and I'm already planning out my next entries, although with the Crystal Brush coming up, who knows?


oink said...

well done, those models look great! I must say I've been quetly admiring the infinity range and paint jobs like yours are really inspiring me to grab a few to see what they are like up close!

Big Bad Garou said...

Those look lovely! The only thing I would have done differently is paint the inside of the snipers coat a different color to differentiate the inside and out. Maybe do the hex pattern that Infinity likes to do on the inside of cloaks and coats.

Cobalt Cannon said...

Those are both slick Tim and are good choices to enter.

I looked at the other entries and I can see that c1#1, #10, and #15 are your biggest competition right now. I examined them for a while, and I noticed one thing that can help your entries more. Your images are big, which is awesome for artist types like me that loves to get in close and see all the brush strokes, and textures, etc, but If you it also looses the illusion of your colors being blended smoothly together. The other entires have smaller image sizes so their brush strokes are concealed by size, and the eye is tricked into thinking that they are better painted than they are. The honesty and quality of your photos, and their size, could hinder the ability of those judging to judge your work fairly vs the other comparable entries.

I am willing to bet that you just entered them, just to enter too. You seem to be a person that loves to participate, for the sake of participating. And you always give it your best. Good luck! I hope you win!

Tim said...

Hey Colbalt,

Thanks for the kind words. Looking at these pics, I realize there is so more I can be doing with my painting...there is always room for improvement...

The contest is over. I won 3rd place for my Sniper, against Entry 1# as you predicted. I got 1st place for the robot tho!

Cobalt Cannon said...

Fantastic! Congratulations!

Can you satisfy my curiosity? What size brushes have you been using on figures such as these infinity models?

Jordan said...

Need to ask you a huge favor. I';m trying to find out what the size is on some of the Infinity models that I want to use for my Tau army. If you could email me at I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'm looking at
for broadsides/xv8s maybe.




Again, any help in finding an equivalent size in wh40k would be greatly appreciated.

Valk said...

How did you get the glowing eyes effect, they look really cool.

Could give my hazard suits a cold stare of death look at their enemies

Fehdman said...

Very nice, Infinity models due to the low model count warrant extra time spent on them to really make them pop.

On a side note, my friends and I are looking really hard at playing Infinity. They seem to really support the community and the website by itself is leaps and bounds beyond what GW chooses to do with its IP. They even have that army builder that includes all the stats that links directly to the wiki if you have any skill questions.
Going to proxy a few games w/ 40k minis to see how it goes and get a feel for the game mechanics. Can you recommend any good Infinity Blogs? I've been following your Remote Presence one but you guys don't update it too terribly often.