Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Tau Codex Welcome Center

First you must watch this video...

Like the gentleman is this video, I man the Tau Codex Welcome Center. I've built my space ship (Tau army) and I am now just waiting for the aliens (the codex) to drop from the skies. We're ready for them. 


anucer said...

that's a pretty good idea, i guess i'll help you with this one. After seeing the BoW V6 leak review... i must saw that i am pretty exited and feels like getting back into the game after it. The game is really going to change for the best.

I am even going to finish painting my Tau army after i am done with my warmachine army.

But we have one important step to do before we can welcome them ... get rid of any imperium players with their shirts and board saying : " earth is full, go home " ;)

Cobalt Cannon said...

Poor guy. He's flipped out. I've seen UFOs as well and from a mere 150 feet away; 3 of them! I'm not going to build a UFO welcome center or huge UFO junk model in my yard. I figure whatever any aliens want to do that have the tech to get here,.. they'll do whether we like it or not, and land where ever they choose.

Aside from that,.. Is this suggestion to create a GET THE TAU CODEX OUT ALREADY GWS! DO IT RIGHT! GET IT OUT NOW! ... kind of campaign? That might be a fun thing to do.

Go ahead if you want. I think gamesworkshop are kind of like the aliens. They do whatever they want when they want, and don't listen to anyone else. It's all about market timing for them and where they think they can make the biggest bucks ( or pounds) by selling specific miniatures.

Dread Fleet obviously was released to get a boost in capital for GWS. Where that money is going or went, who can say? Space Hulk seems to have paid for the cost of new molds for several of their ranges and they conversion to this finescale line of theirs.

So anyways, what's your plan?

Tim said...

@I just love that video...that man is sooo nuts...but sweet, no?

My plan is to sit tight. I'm just working on my existing models...jeeez I have an entire dark eldar army in boxes in my studio. Just sitting there. Thats the trouble with games with large model counts...starting a new army takes so much time and effort...

Mech Dude said...

That ufo center is a death trap. I can't even begin to count the number of ways it looks like it's going to collapse or light on fire. The guys passion is obvious but if he were in an area with any sort of building codes that thing would be condemmed so fast.