Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Papercraft Cargo Containers, Now in 3D!

Sometimes I am completely amazed by what some of my fellow hobbyists can do. A friend and fellow Infinity player has really astounded me by his scratch built terrain. This time he's working on a futuristic storage crate for use in games of Infinity.

This guy certainly has the patience and persistence to create really detailed works of art from plasticard. Lo Pan took a simple paper-card design and made it in 3D. Amazing. Check it out, it is well-worth the visit.


If that's not enough, check out this Infinity City Block he built: 


Tael said...

Was just admiring that last night via Remote Presence (sounds like I'm a savant, without context)

Superbly done, and detailed. Now he needs to make a series of them (Lo Pan feints in the background..)


Lo-Pan said...


Cobalt Cannon said...

For a box, That container is a really fantastic piece of modeling. It looks to me like there is so much more than just a copy of a paper model going on there. The extra depth and details added are so great! It could even be used as an industrial heating/air conditioning unit if you wanted to fight around it on a rooftop.

I hope Lo-Pan made templates for the parts, so reproduction is easier.

Really nice Lo-Pan!

PS. How did you get Jack Burton's knife out of your forehead? It must have been more of that Chinese black magic. hehe

Lo-Pan said...

Well, it IS a very good knife.

Template? Er... not so much. I printed out the PDF papercraft sheet, and then cut and measured with a bit of creative interpretation. It isn't a 1:1 match, is somewhat simplified, but serviceable.

The casting materials arrived sooner than expected and I managed to pour the internal plug mold last night. Already concerned about the approach I'm taking, but will try to muddle through.