Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tau in 2012...maybe. maybe not

Apparently the rumor mill has now churned out some tidbits that some Necron and IG releases are next, then Black Templars. We can't really speculate beyond that. GW seems to change things on its own whim. I remember hearing about the Dark Eldar a long time ago in a podcast with Jervis and Jes Goodwin sometime ago, around when 5th edition came out and it took them years to release it. Seems like they sit on projects.

Tau Empire players, you have to wait longer. Maybe indefinitely. Maybe Tau will end up like Sisters of Battle. Who can say? I expect a marine codex next and who is left? Black Templars. Because 40k could always use another gothic, fantasy-import, marine army. 3 are just not enough.

In the meantime, play Infinity! There are new releases for the armies every month!


anucer said...

Once a wise tau Commander said: The patient hunter gets the prey.

but what if you have to be so patient that you die and/or get your release stolen by some already "up to date" (up to date in GW's language) armies.

I am now wondering if they really care about their game/customers or just whant to sells models?

Infinity looked pretty nice with the model and "it's always your turn" but the steampunk of warmachine hooked me, also the fact that a friend already started it and prolly didn't whant to change again.

Brian said...

I am glad I also play CSM. But yeah this is the main reason why I dont play Space Marine. They get too many updates.

Valk said...

Ah, i'm sharing a Dark Eldar army with my fiancee while i wait for Tau update.

You can't have enough fun throwing mutilated meat bags (wrack/grotesque) at people, while having a few evil chuckles.

oink said...

I have it on good authority that the GW release schedule has been largely thrown in the air because of a legal concern over their current system for releasing codexes with units for which there are no models.

It seems that GW are having difficulty protecting the IP on these units because any company could sell a model to represent, say, a Harpy, or Tervigon and GW cannot currently provide suitable examples to show a court that said company is infringing the rights they hold over the model!

What does this mean? well, you will be seeing GW filling the gaps. This is why talk of the Necron second wave have started... talks about the IG probably represent the need for GW to release models for the missing tank variants.

It also means that you could probably expect Tyranids getting some love with another wave of models.

Note that these armies are unlikely to see new codexes... but there will be models.

Unfortunately, the Tau have a complete model line... so whilst the plans may initially have been for new stuff, this has all changed as a result of GWs legal responsibilities!

Hope this all makes sense!

FromTheFang said...

After some recent games with my Tau (following a period of ignoring them) I actually think the Tau codex is having a bit of a revival.

This is largely down to mech-heavy armies and those that rely on shooting. There are loads of GK or Necron armies at tournaments now and these are both codexes that Tau perform well against. Not to mention IG which we've always had the upper hand on.

My concern is they'll actually ruin Tau with the new book. In my opinion they only need a couple of tweaks here and there but I have this horrible feeling they'll want to change a lot to push the new plastic kits.

The rumours change daily as to which army is coming first and it's well known that GW work on several projects at once and then when one is progressing well they focus their efforts on it. Seems to me they're working on Tau, BT, Eldar and Chaos Legions all at once right now.

Anonymous said...

You should try Warmahordes if you haven't already. I enjoy it for similar reasons I enjoy Infinity.

Tim said...


Warmahordes just doesn't attract me. The models are too exaggerated. But I recognize that it is a fun game, I've done some demos here and there...but ultimately I am painter first and must follow my tastes if I am going to get into something.