Friday, August 10, 2012

New Tau on the Horizon

From Warseer:
256145512010301 Tau Empire Nautilus Defence Platform PL
256146011840307 Tau Empire Mako PL
256145730740301 Commander Farsight RE
256146211440307 Tau Empire Vespid Stingwings / Vespid Spinewings PL

284054630110202 Kroot Kroothawks RE

We are getting a plastic Tau Empire Mako (flyer), plastic Nautilus Defence Platform (fortification), new resin Commander Farsight and plastic Vespid Stingwings/Spinewings (must be a new unit for Vespid). 
Edit: plus new resin kroothawks...what are they? Here's to hoping they aren't some razorwing type swarm stand, but some neat big bird of prey. 


Anonymous said...

You also missed the Kroothawks in there :)

Should be kind of neat. I'm looking forward to the two bigger models.

Ede said...

Nice to see rumors about removing kroot could be false

Pr0Golf3r said...

Quote, "Here's to hoping they aren't some razorwing type swarm stand, but some neat nig bird of prey."

Yeah cause the forgeworld ones are so good aren't they, lol. I think they might be the same size as a battle suit, with body armour and flight or jump infantry special rule and some sort of upgraded kroot gun that can rapid fire at 24 or 30 inches, S7 AP3. Ultimate marine kicker. Also have a limit so you can only have one per squad but it can take off a normal kroot instead of taking a wound, I'm sure there is something like that already but I can't remember. I have loads of more ideas but I'll not bore you. Thanks for the update I did see that myself on warseer and thought of telling you but you beat me to it! :)

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Lol, after resisting for 15 years I have just decided to start with 40K (a good friend talked me into it) and picked the Tau simply on the grounds that I liked their looks... Guess I might have bought the Codex too quick!

BTW your blog did a good deal to turn me towards the Tau.

Jefffar said...

Kroothawks might be akin to the old Kroot Vulture Kindreds, a Jump Infantry Kroot with Hit and Run.

Anonymous said...

Warseer also mentioned that this is the release schedule for june 2013 onward. The few Tau models we are seeing on this list could be the final wave models from a new codex rumored to drop early 2013 :D

Im hoping so hard right now...

Anonymous said...

Since Vespids are getting new models, maybe its time to take a look at them in 6th ed? :p Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Since vespids are getting new models, any thoughts on how they are in 6th ed?

Tim said...

when the new rules come out perhaps, but for now they still have all the faults that made them unplayable in 5th. Assault weapons didn't get any better and changes to jump infantry don't matter because they still suck in close 12 inch range is crippling for fragile troops.

Let's hope they get new rules..