Saturday, November 24, 2012

Space Wolves Showcase

Space Wolves are interesting models to paint and they help develop a painter because they have a wide variety of surfaces and details, like armor plates, fur, metal bits and sigils. However, because of that they don't really lend themselves to speed painting like normal Codex Space Marine models do - there's too much detail to paint that you can't bust them out with such speed. 
These were done as a commission for a friend of mine. If you are wondering, I'm not taking commissions at present. Commission painting is not a good side project to life. When you have limited time for painting, commission paint ends up taking up all of it in order to meet deadlines. I've found that I kept putting off personal projects that I really wanted to do and I have decided that I will only take commissions if we're already good friends, if the project includes 100% artistic freedom or if the price is right.
For those of you interested in painting your own Space Wolves and want a blue tint but not blue pijama blue found on the GW studio army, I would like to introduce you to Vallejo Model Color 70906, Pale Blue. This color is mostly grey with a very slight hint of blue. It's perfect for creating a cold grey that people often like to see on Space Wolves. 
My process for the armor here was:
Airbrush entire armor areas in Vallejo Air German Grey. 
Airbrush highlights with Games Workshop Codex Grey. 
Airbrush highlights with Vallejo Model Color Pale Blue. 
Break out a bristle brush to do blacklining. Then use bristle brush to do edge highlights with Pale Blue. Done. 

Yes, yes, I know the OSL is rather unprofessionally done. It needs some work. Also there isn't a variety of helmets here. That's because this is a commission of 35 Space Wolves and I grouped them by helmet type for painting. Once they are all done, I'm going to apply squad markings and fix the OSL on all the 4 guys with plasmaguns. 

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Pedro_Zuñiga said...

Quite nice wolves!!!

I'm painting mine in a similar process, but starting with intermediate blue and with usa grey (both vallejo air) instead of codex grey and finishing wih pale blue grey.