Monday, November 26, 2012

Wargamers in Love Part 3

Here's an update from my romantic buddy! Let's give him some good feedback to make this proposal a real bang. 

So here we are with part 3 of the sculpting project. As you'll see from the pictures I've got the basic shape done from the the Sculpey clay. The figures are set in position just to make sure that it's feasible and so far, all looks good. 

On top of this, I'll need to sculpt in the flagstones and also position the figures in the main platform. I think I'll also have to go over the centre with another layer to get it properly flat. 

Here is the first stage baking so that the polymer clay gets nice and hard.

Take care all.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post and compliments Tim. I'm looking forward to sending you the new photos soon.

I've not done any more sculpting recently but I've started laying down paint layers on the models. The burgundy armour of the knight is starting to take shape and I'm now looking at some heraldry or coats of arms to put on the fabric sections of the figure.

Time to break out the detail sculpting tools soon.

All the best :-)