Monday, December 17, 2012

Guest post: Wargamers in Love Part 4

Hi everyone.

The deadline is starting to become very apparent as I fly to England on the 19th of December and so this project must be entirely completed by then. Luckily things are moving fairly well and I've dropped one of my annoying lessons at the school, which frees up several hours I can spend at home with no girlfriend around. Perfect for painting and sculpting.

Here's my work area with various projects on the go. I can't decide if it's as productive to have lots of models to work on at any one time but I do like the variety so I guess it's not all bad.

After throwing on a long debate on youtube (atheism vs religion w.r.t morality) I managed to hunker down for an hour or so to really work on the sculpting side of things. Having baked the base hard in the oven last time, I wanted to start on the details.

Initially the central platform was going to have a series of concentric circles for tiles but the knight has some tiles/stones sculpted into his metal base and, short of carving that off somehow, there isn't a way to clean up the model. I decided instead to sculpt the stones in the centre in a more random arrangement and create the order with a ring of stones around the edge.

I think these edging stones could do with a little more tidying up to make them more even, but for now they are ok. I've got more working time available until I bake the clay so it should be ok.

Here it is with the knight figure in place. The next step will be layering on some clay to make the pathways coming down and then putting in the edging stones for the path and the cirumference of the base in general.

Painting is slowly getting there for the models and as soon as I get the main sculpt finished, I'll be ready to lay down paint on that and bring it all together. 

Exciting times indeed.

Take care all :-)

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