Thursday, December 20, 2012

Space Wolf Commission Update

Hi all,

Things have gotten a bit busy in my life with the holidays approaching, my first semester of graduate school and my research...but I still manage to find some time here and there to paint. Below you can view some of what I've been working allied detachment of Space Wolves for a friend.

I'm really enjoying this commission, because the client has given my total artistic freedom. I've begun forming a theme for these guys - their sigil is a white wolf on a field of red...More embellishments to be teased out when I get to work on their vehicles. 


Dan (nyhil) said...

Beautiful depth on the grey. What field are you pursuing your masters in?

Tim said...

I'm in the Environmental Science and Tech program at Uni of Maryland, but I am studying oyster aquaculture and wastewater treatment. Deal with water from agricultural runoff and so on.

Jawaballs said...

Your style is obvious here man. Ever technically fantastic!
Nice stuff.


G Red said...

Good for you Tim. The oysters, and the Bay need all the help that they can get. On an odd note, Have you seen/tried the Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout from Flying Dog Brewery here in Frederick Md? Some of the proceeds go to the Oyster Recovery Partnership for the Chesapeake? Although the FDB guys use Rapahannock River Oysters.

Looking forward to seeing how you do the vehicles. These look very good indeed...too good in fact for commission work :) Do I know the Commissioner, perchance?