Saturday, December 22, 2012

Airbrush Glow Effects

Airbrushing your glow effects is certainly speedy. I did four plasmaguns in about 20 minutes. Afterwards I used a traditional brush to define the lines a bit more. There is one disadvantage in that they look "dusty" but for the time input to the appearance output, pretty damn efficient.

This was the last step on these models and to be sure not to get any unwanted overspray, I masked off the rest of the mini with iwata masking tape. I don't like using overspray to get the glow effect on anything but the gun, because it begins to look even more unnatural.

What do you guys think of using an airbrush for glow effects?


The Eye of Error said...

I use my airbrush for glow weffects all the time. I simply love the look of it. Adds so much more character and life to a mini.

Valk said...

Looks great, sadly most Tau guns don't have many surface areas for glow effects.

Rkik said...

I do love the effect. Sadly I'm terrible with my airbrush so I haven't come close to mastering that technique.

G Red said...

Airbrush for glow effects is a good thing. There is no way to get that kind of gradation with acrylics using a least not that I know of. Now oils OTOH, but I doubt you want to wait weeks for the paint to finish drying :) Plus mixing Oils and Acrylics is generally a bad idea.

The glow looks a little washed out. Is that due to the lighting/camera flash, or is it still a WIP? If the latter, perhaps a bit more contrast between the weapon and the glow?

Oh, and just to mess with your head a bit, How about the OSL? And you could use overspray or a bounce spray technique to mud-splatter the legs, and... airbrushes open up so many possibilities, no?

There will come a point when you will need to start signing your work, if you keep this up ;)

May You and Yours have a Merry Christmas :)

Tim said...

Thanks G, merry x mas to you as well!!!

Mike Brandt; mvbrandt@gmail said...

Lookin' good, Tim!