Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Paulson Games Mecha Auto Cannons and Missile Launchers

 Paulson Games has some really fantastic bits available these days. I've been watching his inventory grow over the years and it keeps getting better. Here is the link to all the neat Mecha parts to check out: Paulson Games. 

On this Tau Battlesuit conversion, I've used the Mecha Auto Cannon  and the Mech Missile Launcher, which retro-fitted to a battlesuit I did a while back.
 The parts are original designs for the most part and fit with Tau Empire models very well, even though there isn't an equivalent in game to the Auto Cannon. I will use it as either a counts-as burst cannon or a plasma rifle. Possibly even stand in for a Cyclic Ion Blaster.
For me the missile launcher is the coolest bit. Everyone needs copious missile pods in their Tau Empire armies and these provide a design superior to the stock Games Workshop version. 
If you're considering purchasing some of these, it's worth pointing out that there are affordable options but require some extra work to affix to the models. In my case, I drilled and pinned the missile launcher to the jet-pack hard point and pinned the auto cannon to the shoulder - after I had trimmed off the arm above the elbow. 

These are resin parts, so you'll need to be mindful of that. Be gentle as you trim off mold lines and expect a few small air bubbles. Fill those in with liquid green stuff. We're not talking poor
"finecast" quality, but much better. You won't need a sculpting degree to get these models ready for action. The quality is very good considering that Paulson Games manufactures these parts as a hobby as far as I can tell. The bloke is basically casting these in his basement.
On two of the three missile launchers here, very small air bubbles were located on one to three of the missile points on the launcher - but that was it.
Consider this post a full endorsement of Paulson Games parts. I really love these bits and have plans to retro-fit a lot of my suit already - including Broadsides. He does have railguns - you can see my post about these here: Snub-Nosed Railguns

UPDATE: I've just been informed that Paulson Games has a sale until January 20th - 20% of everything.


Richard Kitchen said...

I must say the Paulson Games parts are awesome! I purchased a few of each and the detail is great very little clean up. I prefer the gray resin to the white but I am satisfied with all the parts overall.

Tim, I have to say your color scheme by far is my favorite. Are you still using Orkhide Shade for the green or have you moved to a Vallejo color?

Tim said...

Hi Richard,
The green is a basecoat of orkhide shade, then I mix VMC: luftwaffe green with a little black and paint it over the orkhide shade. In the future, I would avoid mixing paint as a main color on an army project. Hard to get the mixes right consistently.

Elijah said...

Might not hurt to mention till the 20th there is a 20% off on his prices as well. Thanks for the heads up. Bought me some bits to play with.

breadman said...

hey mate,
looking awesome. your original post with the snub nosed rail guns got me onto these guys and I ended up buying 6 rail guns and 20 missile pods....along with a load of heads and I gotta say the quality is great!
now....tell me about your battlesuit hands.....wow!!

Elijah said...

Just got my bits yesterday. All came in a neat lil box. Alil more excess flash on a few of the pieces but the quality is excellent. No air bubbles spotted on any of the parts. I was hesistant to place a huge order but got myself atleast 1 or 2 of everything.

Yancy Small said...

I have 6 broadsides using Paulson Games railguns and dual missile pods as SMS systems, and I have the bits for 3 more broadsides in the mail. I've had excellent customer service from Mr Paulson, and his parts are top notch. If he produces anything else that fits into my army I won't hesitate to order again.

Anonymous said...

Hi, what paints did you use for the main colour? :)