Friday, March 22, 2013

Adepticon Prep - Inquisitorial Warrior Acolytes

Our team tournament army keeps slowly growing and it's all coming together. Above you can the acolytes I will be fielding in a Grey Knights list. Our theme is the Siege of Vraks and I'm assigned to the forces of the Inquisition. These are my Warrior Acolytes - recruits who've spanned the galaxy fighting the Great Enemy on all kinds of worlds. At Adepticon they surely face an untimely end on every battlefield with me at the helm! haha.

Below you can see some of the Death Korps of Kreig models we've been working on.

Our work is not yet done, but I think we'll have a pretty sweet army once complete. 

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Cobalt Cannon said...

Finally I get to see the Death Korps models painted!

So Slick! Are they blue in color, or is that the lighting? The blue is a nice change from the typical grey that I usually see. They actually look more like WW1 Belgians or French than Germans, which is a nice change.
However if they were French then they would have hose-less gas masks covered in their own pee, but that's a history lesson for another time. hehe
What other Death Korps models are you going to paint Tim besides infantry?

The Acolytes look cool too. Completely customizing the look of your troops is fun.