Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rough Pic of a Dark Eldar Scheme

So I think this will do. I have some other ideas for color schemes that I might test out when I have time. For exanple , I'm thinking of doing a model with mostly black armor, but using silver to do edge highlights. Then the right arm and part of the chest would be a bright red. Skin would be very light alabaster with blue-ish hair. Energy glows also blue - like on the weapons and eyes of helmeted warriors. Gold spots here and there. But for now I think this color achieved what I'm looking for. 


Pete W said...

I really like this one Tim. Can you post up or email a painting method? I'm thinking of getting a kabal together and it would be great to paint them in these schemes.

All the best.


Dameon Green said...

Very crisp, is the fade from the black boots to blue armor airbrush?

Tim said...

I used an airbrush for the armor, but hit it with a real brush afterwards- as I always do. The black boots aren't faded - I just painted them black. The idea is to not have any complex techniques or mixing of paint as I've got to do a whole army. Trying to do it right this time!

Stahly said...

Looks nice - maybe the glow on the splinter rifle could be more reddish and less yellowish so it would match better with the red tattoo?

I like models where airbrushing isn't overdone and combined with traditional brushwork. Something I want to learn in the future, too.

Tim said...

The airbrush is an effective tool and really speeds up your painting, but it should never be your ONLY tool. When it's obvious that an airbrush has been used, the model loses something.

I use airbrushes for getting down a good foundation for the model. It gives me some basic shading and highlighting with nice smooth, solid colors. And they're fast.
They won't make you a better painter, just a faster one.