Saturday, March 16, 2013

Well I was wrong...Tau are going to be in April's White Dwarf

So....yeah...I'm pretty excited. 


andy_divide said...

I know that some people aren't going to be happy that the rumours of an uber-suit were true, something about it not being fluffy or whatever. I am not one of those people! I wish the photo didn't have glare over the new broadside but I'm sure that if the other new models are anything to go by it'll look fantastic.

Eeeek! The 5 year old in me is running laps of excitement around my head (and the 30 year old in me is running laps of excitement around my house!)

Cobalt Cannon said...

I was looking forward to new crisis suits, but It's not looking like GW cares enough to bother updating that ancient XV8 design.

: (

The XV104 looks nifty, but I have to ask why have it? Don't hammerheads and broadsides already cover that function on the battlefield? I am also sensing a big nerf to broadsides here. So far since 6th came out, the new game rules are an improvement, but the codexes have been big let downs. No New characters for the tau would be bad. They need more characters. Also what is the deal with that flier? It looks like a half assed kit bash of a devilfish with a missile pod turret on the rear top? that's idiotic.

I really hope that I am pleasantly surprised, because I am already being let down by these photos.

Tim said...

Cobalt! How you been, friend? Long time no see.

I hear ya. Re: crisis suits, it's been a recent trend not to replace existing plastic kits so I was expecting this - but hoping they'd wise up - oh well, chicken legs are here to stay. At least, paulson games has great bits to improve on the craptastic models.

The flyer is not very inspiring I must say.

XV104, well, the new thing at GW is to release big models. IMO, it's too big. I mean, us gamers have to transport this things around to games and these big models really pose a challenge to store and transport. Pv3 doesn't get this either. Oh well. Xv104 still getting it.

Cobalt Cannon said...

Hi Tim! hehe, I've still been reading all of your blog posts, but work has kept me really busy. Your last few posts about general gaming have really been great medicine for the gaming community.

After looking more closely at the flier picture I think I might have an answer to the odd "Spruce Goose" look for the flier. The kit seems to be a join fighter/bomber kit, so I think we are looking at the bomber version. They must have parts in the kit for a sleeker fighter version.
I really hope that our old broadsides aren't rendered illegal by the new codex, because I don't plan on spending 150$ to buy 3 new broadsides. The models look really cool (check warhammer tau) but not $50 cool.

Transportation: Yea that's a really good point. I guess Battlefoam will be selling a lot of new bags to Tau players.

Andy Hemphill said...

I really like the look of the new flyer, myself, especially the bomber with the detachable fighter defence drones. I will be ditching the odd bars between the fore and aft wing canards though, spoil the look of the model IMO.