Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tau get their own.

You've been loyal, you've waited patiently or impatiently and now the time has come.

Tau Empire gets a new codex and batch of new models. All we've seen are some rather horrible pics of the new codex from the April White Dwarf. My reaction is....DUDE, if you're going to leak pics, at LEAST take some quality photos! I love how all the box art is out of focus and the glare on the pages of white dwarf hits right over crucial models. GW marketing is really low tech.

Rant over.

So this release seems to follow the trend of 6th edition.
  • 4-5 new sets
  • Release includes a flyer and a large ground model
  • no new special characters
  • less comprehensive than previous releases yet more frequent
I'm not going to go into each model but I am going to note a few things.
  1. We're stuck with chicken legs on Crisis Suits. 
  2. All your Broadsides are now too small for tournament play. New ones are on 60mm bases, yours are on 40mm. Some power gamers might complain about you field your old ones. 
  3. So far, no sign of Kroot in any of the photos and Kroot are no longer in the battleforce. 
That said I am really excited for the new book and I think you can expect to see Tau returning to Tau of War.

Last thought.
I really hope we get Anghor Prok rules.


Pete W said...

I think the flier is quite interesting and the codex has the potential to really bring things around for the Tau.

Here's hoping the kroot are in the codex (at a minimum) and hopefully expanded.

I'd love to see the return of the Anghor Prok model. I'm still tempted to make up an army from the Kroot Mercenaries codex that was floating around, just for how characterful it is.


PS: Boo for no new crisis suit models. They are much too static compared to Forge World. It would have been great to get a more dynamic model.

Dameon Green said...

Rebasing Crisis suits is not that an overwhelming challenge, I know Terminators had to do it at one point (before my time) and if nothing else it will give you (and others like me) room to convert and do exceptional base work.

Heck Tim have been playing around with making a 60mm "insert" for 40mm bases to allow some of my upcoming conversions to "count as" a wider variety of figures!

Cobalt Cannon said...

Yea the current XV8s are really not posable at all. We really need a new XV8 model. It looks like they are going to sell XV8s as a team now of three so they can raise the price even more.

Speaking of prices, I was on Warhammer Tau looking at more pics from white dwarf of the new sets with prices posted,.. 50$ for one Broadside Battle suit?!!! Outrageous!!!
85$ for the giant suit? They're mad!
35$ for a pathfinder team? Their drunk!
75$ for a crisis suit team? Time to look for a new game.

That's a crushing let down for me. Do these idiots really have no clue how the world's economy is right now? I remember when I could buy a crisis suit for 15$, and it is the exact same suit that they are pitching for 75$ for 3!

Gamesworkshop better have the decency to give their customers a reach around when they by these new sets, because the customers are getting screwed.

I hope someone has some encouraging news for me, because I feel like someone kicked my cat.

Enigma Crysis said...

The Crisis Suits only cost $.75 more than their current buddies. Who knows they might continue the Special Weapons from the HQ pack.

3 sets of resin Pathfinders cost 59.25 currently so the 10 man box with 3 drones is much much cheaper.

Super Suit and Broadside yeah outrageous

G Red said...

Ah the "tick" head. Reminds me of the original Marneus Calgar mini. Can we get a kickstarter to send the GW sculptors to a figure studies class?