Monday, April 22, 2013

Kebec III's Amazing Tau Army Unveiled at Adepticon 2013

This Tau army was brought from Quebec, Canada by a team of 4 friends for the Team Tournament, Kebec III. In my biased opinion, it was the coolest army in the entire tournament. The painting was beautiful, the conversions inspired and the mood set just right. The colors on their own created a level of creepiness that was only enhanced by the conversions. Genius.

You can find more of their work at their website:


Tylermenz said...

That was a pretty amazingly painted army. They actually did it up for the Team tourney, it was Tau and necrons, which is why you see so many necron bits on the tau.

tau4eva said...

Our team played against them in the first round of the team tournament. Great guys and a beautiful army. They even handed us a comic book explaining their fluff, a custom tape measure, and dice with their logo on it. Amazing.

Danick said...

Hey!... i saw the cheetah face on your other post and that way I could figure out who you are!:) Tx for the good word and if you would like to see more picture of the entire display just follow this link:

Hope to meet you next year with a new Tau army!

And now that I can see those picture on a big screen I can definitely say that you paint very well!:) If you want to know more on how we painted our models send us an e-mail... everything is on the site above!


Dan (nyhil) said...

Beautiful work, and rich color selection.

The Worker said...

Incredible stuff. Absolutely wonderful conversions and an atmospheric paintjob! Superb, no other word for it.

Anonymous said...

That army was even better looking in person. It was awesome to see so many people playing Tau for a change. I got a bunch of cool parts handed to me at Adepticon which I made these with.

You're awesome at kitbashing stuff and you should make some of these guys for your blog. Stan

Malthus said...

Pretty epic stuff.

Thanks for sharing!