Friday, April 12, 2013

Crisis Suit Conversion Idea: Fix those stubby arms!

If I ever get out of this damn graduate student program, I might have time to convert a squad at some point. But for now, I can only do parts of models in preparation for a super-awesome day I get some actual free time and can do a proper job on this.

Anyhow, might be to Imperial for some folks, but I've found a way to improve the stubby arms of the stock crisis suit. The elbow area is taken from a GK terminator arm, as are the hands. Allows for more possibility.

However, this does increase the length of the arm so that you have to adjust the ball joint so that the shoulders are higher. Make sense?

I get my Riptide and Pathies this weekend. Can't wait.


Shas'el Mike said...

Looks great! So how about them legs and lack of a waist?

Ricardo Giron said...

I like it! I'm going to copy it.

I won't put the cables on the arms thought. They don't fit with the design imo.

Tolcrothlogan said...

Just built n airbrushed base colour on my Riptide, lovely model, love your work by the way, long time reader, looking forward to seeing yours.

Morgrim Dark said...

Tim, this conversion looks very cool. Simple but effective.

T said...

now on to the hips and legs

Anonymous said...

Hey, im new to tau, and i am thinking of a list that goes like this:
Commander w/body gaurd, markerlight drone, and three sheild drones, equipted with 2 plasma rifles and 2 fusion blasters
2 XV8 like commander (x2)
6 fire warriors w/markerlight drone (x2)
10 kroot w/krootox (x2)
Fast Attack:
Piranah w/fusion blaster (x2)
Heavy Support:
Brodside w/2 sheild drones (x2)

Tim said...


Sounds good but do you really need shield drones? I think about it for a bit. Maybe marker drones might be better?

also, why do you have 4 weapons on your commander? IMO just go with 2 plasma and a drone controller. Then switch all those shield drones to marker drones and suddenly you've got 4-6 BS5 markerlights...pretty good if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I put 4 weapons for heavy fire power, and it still isn't over expensive. I will try that.

Anonymous said...

I was also wondering if anyone knew how to convert stealth suits to crisis battle suits. And I can't find the email for the tau help desk.