Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dis food?

Dis food?
No, Mr. Kroot. That's the commander.
Dat food?
No, Mr. Kroot. That's a Puretide Engram Neurochip.
Where food?


Cobalt Cannon said...

So this brings a question up in my mind that I would like to ask.

Tim, what do you think of the new Kroot options, now that Kroot can take kroot ox riders and still infiltrate?
Any brainstorming ideas that you mite like to share?

Do you think it would be worth the points to load up kroot hordes now?

Ede said...

GW gives and takes away.

I asked for cheaper Kroot and a way to field an all Kroot army that had infiltrating Krootox.

GW replied with taking the 1+ off of the commander and the Fire Warriors. They also dropped the points costs of Kroot Hounds by 1, Kroot by 2 (after armor save) and Krootox by 10, in addition to removing the restriction that kept Krootox from infiltrating.

But it came at a cost...
1. -1 S to Kroot and hounds
2. -1 A to Kroot with rifles
3. -1 A and -1 W to Krootox
4. Kroot Hounds dropped from 12 max to 10 max.

THe only sentiment that I can tie to this is, please just shoot them and put them out of their misery.

Tim said...

Personally, I can still see my standing stock of kroot making it into my lists.

They still carry S4 rifles that can choose to fire sniper rounds so now have some utility against monstrous creatures and high toughness targets.

Hounds giving them acute senses is awesome - couple this with rapid firing s7 kroot guns on krootox and I'm happy.

Thirdly, every army can benefit from cheap bodies - no matter how poor at close combat. Bubble wrapping and meat shields.

As a side note, did you notice their close combat attacks are ap5?