Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Leaked Tau Rules in Spanish

There has been a leak of the Tau rules. These are actual pictures from the codex, unfortunately in Spanish though. I've looked through them in my limited Spanish and this is what I've gleaned. 

  • Kroot have changed a bit. They are now S3 but have stealth, move through cover and infiltrate. They've lost their additional close combat weapon, but can be upgraded to carry sniper rifles. Kroot rifles are still 24", S4, Ap6. Krootox do not remove infiltrate from the squad it seems. 
  • Fire Warriors dropped to 9 points each. Nothing else is different. 
  • Pulse Carbines are 18", S5, AP5, assault 2, pinning. Now a viable alternative to pulse rifles. 
  • Burst Cannons got upgraded slightly. Now assault 4. 
  • Devilfish are still 80 points, but Smart Missile Systems are 10 points. Fair enough. 
  • XV88 Railguns are indeed S8, Ap1. 
  • Fireblade seems to grant split fire to the squad he joins, and allows them to fire an extra shot if they don't move in the movement phase. Pretty sweet if you ask me. 
  • O'Shovah does not make XV8s troops, but still has access to 7 bodyguards. 
  • Crisis suits are cheaper but the same. Still BS3. 
  • Drones are now Toughness 4. Sweet!

That's about all I had time to translate. Nice little tidbits there. I'm saving the rest for when my codex actually arrives.

Tomorrow night will be my last game with trusty old Tau Codex...going up against new Dark Angels. We'll see how they stand up in their final battle. 


Daniel said...

I read that fire warriors have photon granades by default.
Kroot nerf sucks, I only wanted their iniative to be buffed but instead they get less strength. Fantastic. Nice to hear that drones have toughness of 4, I have a lot of 'em. Fireblade sounds cool, going to get him. I wished the Crisis suits to be buffed a lot, but dammit seems like no. Nice rumors, going to buy that codex as soon as possible.

Tim said...

Kroot really didn't get nerfed IMO. I think they got a huge boost. I will gladly trade S4 for Stealth. I never used them for their close combat abilities anyway. Get +1 cover in all terrain is WAY better than S4 if you ask me.

Nat X said...

They are only stealth in woods. If you look at the rules it says Sigilo (Bosques) which means Stealth (Forests)

Daniel said...

Well i loved using them for CC.. Now looks like they are just a shooty stealth unit. I'll need to use them differently now, but oh well. And on a sidenote I read that kroot have an option for a sniper rifle.

Anonymous said...

Well, since I really do,t use close combat( like a true tau commander:p) ill take that " nerf"!!!