Monday, July 15, 2013

The Redemption is at hand! Charity Army Build Update

 This is the Land Raider with all available options magnetized for complete customization. Painted by John Stiening of 40k Hobby Blog.

 Here are the Terminators he has done, also with magnetization of special and heavy weapons. Note the one terminator with both Cyclone and Heavy Plasma - magnetized!
 Here is the first tactical squad of 5 marines with a plasma cannon. Glow effects done on the plasma of course. Customized and converted squad leader.

Here is the second, larger tactical squad complete with Multimelta and Meltagun. Burn effects done on the melta barrels. 
 This Rhino will be around to escort the boys to battle. The freehand really shows the care the painter, Dan from Valhalla Games in New Zealand put into this model.

He's also done some extra special weapons to go with the Tactical Marines. 

As the army starts coming together some more, we'll keep you updated. 

Donate now and enter a chance to win this army. Go to for all the details.

As a last update, it turns out I will be painting the Master of the Ravenwing on jetbike, good ol' Sammy.

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Austin Becht said...

This is beautiful! Well done to all you painters. Each post is pushing me more and more towards buying into the raffle. Plus its for a good cause, which is even more incentive.