Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yoshi's Miniature Painting Blog

Today I want to shine a light on Yoshi, a new blogger and painter whose produced some really inspiring work. I found Yoshi's blog by searching for new color schemes for my Yu Jing Japanese force but instead I found some amazingly painted Tohaa Chaksas, shown below.

Check out his blog and add yourself as a follower. 

One thing I was instantly impressed by was his use of the color purple. Purple is one of those colors that is a little fickle. At times it looks strange - almost childish and toy-like - but at other times and in the hands of an accomplished painter who understands the way the purple behaves, it can have an astounding effect by adding visual interest. It rides the line between warm and cold while adding depth and sometimes soft fleshiness to the subject.

What I like most about Yoshi's work is that it clearly has his stamp on it. He has his own style.

Go click through his blog. He's got some great 40k, Fantasy, Rackham and Infinity models going back the past year or so. 


Yoshinto Yazamoto said...

Thank you Tim for you very kind comments to my painting and blog :) I enjoy using purple when painting my Aleph faction for the game Infinity or other projects. I look forward to seeing your painting and other projects for the future :)

Yoshinto Yazamoto said...

Thank you Tim for your very kind words about my painting blog :)