Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Road? Where we're going we don't need roads...

Redemption of the Fallen is going to be a full army complete with all the great Dark Angels characters, including the Master of the Ravenwing himself.

Get your raffle tickets to enter a chance to win this army and support the Doctors without Borders.

You can purchase them here:


Pete W said...

That's a nice model. I've been tempted to add it to my Dark Angels for a while just because it's really fun. My main issue is the price of adding it as it's a pricey single model.

Is this the finecast or metal one? I see a bit of green stuff on there.


Tim said...

That is finecast. and while it's nice to have light material on such a model, finecast is a crap. Save your hard-earned money and avoid finecast like the plague.

Pete W said...

A cynical part of me is tempted to get the model, knowing that it's likely to have flaws and then just ask GW to send a replacement box as many times as is necessary to get a perfect cast. You'd probably be able to cobble together more than one kit for a single purchase.

Then I remember that A: I'm an honest person and B: I still don't want to drop 36 euros on a single model like this.

Tim said...

I'm not sure getting a good cast is even possible with finecast. ;)