Saturday, August 3, 2013

2D Explorations

I don't know how many of you out there ever explore painting or drawing in 2D but I find it a nice way to develop some methods of highlighting and shading. This fire warrior was done in oil pastels. The pastels I have are basically advanced crayons. You can't get much detail or fine lines at this scale, but the basic highlighting and shading work is similar to painting figs. 

I tried to work in some purples and yellows into the piece but I tried to stick with an orange and blue color scheme. 

Well it was just for fun. 

Hope you like it and get some inspiration from it. 


17yearoldhobbyist said...

It's always good practice to be able to draw in 2D: for those times when you want to paint a freehand banner or something. A quick sketch with shading and highlighting makes all the difference!

Yoshinto Yazamoto said...

Great to see you are doing some early concept paintings and this looks neat mate :) Like how you are using mixed media too :)

Russ said...

Very nice, for those of us wanting to try the same, what was your process? E.g.
1. Sketch outline in pencil
2. Colour base colours
3. Add highlight layer over the base colour layer
4. Etc?

Thanks, any plans for more stuff?

Tim said...

yep, I sketched an outline but then I did the dark lines with black and the extreme highlights in white. then I filled my base colors blending with the pre-shades. I added more color here and there as needed.

with oil pastels you really have to go big to get detail so next time, I.m going to use a meter square piece of paper.

no plans as yet but I'll find some motivation sometime.