Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Dreadnought comes to life...

Sometimes when people ask me about doing commissions, I have to decline. Some projects just don't excite me. They don't speak to me and they are more trouble than they are worth. 

But sometimes a project is proposed that really gets me fired up. It might be an army that I've always wanted to do or one that really speaks to me. Artistic freedom is crucial. I really don't like being asked to match color schemes or to fit a certain theme.

When the project is right for me, I pour a lot of heart into it. This fella here has really captured me. I'm obsessed with it. Partly because it is the culmination of the commission. 

I'm trying to paint him as a walking totem. These marines worship the white wolf and he carries the pelt of the fiercest white wolf in known history. He's a walking shrine to their spirit animal. It's this kind of narrative that I hope will be evident when the force is viewed on the tabletop. Soon he'll be done...and I move onto a personal project before my next commission - a warmachine colossal.

1 comment:

HellHenni said...

The Dread Looks awesome.
I especially love the arms. Are they from a 3rd company? This Looks so much better then the "regular" auto-cannon arms!