Monday, August 12, 2013

Redemption of the Fallen Army Raffle

The army assembled. There are 4 models still in progress - Azrael and grommit, A Librarian and Belial.

Here they are: 

The Deathwing by John Steining of 40khobbyblog. 

The vehicles and the KR Multicase. Notice the custom stickers that have been affixed to the case. The case also includes extra room for the new owner to expand the army, or include any of his existing models. 

The Ravenwing!

Even the tactical marines are something special. 

The winner will also receive this dice case. 

These pictures really don't do this army justice. In person, it really is a thing to behold. It has all the elements that make Dark Angels unique, while maintaining a cohesive theme across the models. Many of us were concerned the army wouldn't look like a single force since 6 different painters were doing the work. We were wrong. The army looks great together. 

We did this army to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. An organization that we greatly respect. I personally love the organization because they provide critical health care in a country I have visited 5 times in my life, the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Check out this link to see the some of the work they do there: LINK

Some people run marathons, others just go ahead and donate, we decided we're going to paint armies. Help us out by supporting the cause and you might win an awesome Dark Angels army.

Go to The NOVA Open Foundation website for details on how to donate and win the army. 

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