Saturday, August 31, 2013

NOVA Open 2013 - Submitted!

I drove over to NOVA and submitted 4 entries to the painting competition. If you've been following me, you've already seen two of the entries and the other two were some "Collection" entries I threw together last week. Pictures coming up later.

 It's clear there is a ton of work that goes into the NOVA Open and there seems to be very good sponsor support. There was Corvus Belli support everywhere - art prints for sale, huge banners of Infinity stuff and so on. The event certain looked like a full scale convention. It seemed to have a decent turnout in terms of attendees. Not yet Adepticon-scale but definitely larger than your average 40k GT.

The competition at the Painting Event, Capital Palette, has stepped up quite a few notches. Single mini categories were out of control, nearly as good as you'll see at a Golden Daemon. I'm pretty sure I won't be placing this year, but it's good to get my work out there. This is my first real competition where I've made minis specifically for it, so the experience is well worth it.

I had some time to check out 40k gaming. It seems the community has completely dropped the stigma of spamming. Every table had 3 riptides on it...or something like it in multiples.

One army stood out to me. Never mind the list, the painting was beautiful. I took a few snapshots but these pictures don't do it justice. This army simply glowed.

Tomorrow I return. I've got to pick up my entries and be there for the charity raffle drawing. Best of luck if entered. I really hope our Dark Angels find a good home.


davetaylor said...

Best of luck Tim, see you there today.


Tim said...

Dave, You are so lucky you have not submitted yet. A drunk guy knocked over the figure case and damaged a ton of entries - including mine. Happened at 1am last night.


Anonymous said...

more pics of this army

G Red said...

Seriously!!! WTF. A drunk guy messed up some of the narrative terrain last year -- I'll give you the full story when we meet, perhaps at Cert's tournament. Was it the same drunk guy? There was Dash of Pepper's drunken display in 2011 too.

Wonder why I insisted on making the contest a one day affair? Hmm.

I hope nobody was injured.

Yoshinto Yazamoto said...

I hope your entries and the other contestants entries were ok for the painting commission and tell the organizers to throw out the drunks!!!

Hope you did well mate as you are a very good painter :)


Ghostin said...

The drunk guy was from a wedding elsewhere at the venue, not someone attending the con.