Monday, September 2, 2013

NOVA Open Painting Competition

What a weekend! Full of surprises. 
First surprise was the amount of participation in NOVA's painting competition. I have no clue where all these painters came from but they were pretty damn good. After seeing the case, I really wasn't expecting to win a gold, but I was surprised to win one after all. 

A couple of Tau models I put together on a base won in the Sci-Fi collection category. I had a new model, a Stealth Suit, that really clinched it I think. 
Another surprise came on Sunday morning when I started receiving text messages about a drunk asshole who tried to tip the case in a fit of rage. He had been attending a wedding in the hotel and was angry about something so he attacked the miniature case as he was walking by. Luckily it hit a pillar behind it and bounced back into place. However, lots of entries got damaged and I'm not sure how those people are to be compensated. NOVA staff called the cops and I assume are pressing charges for damage to private property. 
Overall it was really well run. If they continue the competition next year, I think there needs to be a few changes. So in the spirit of respectful constructive criticism I have a few things to say.

1) Trophies. 
Only gold winners got them. Most painters aren't really in it for the prizes but for the recognition and the validation that a painting competition provides. The physical manifestation of this is a trophy or medal. Sadly, the bronze and silver winners didn't get trophies. Some of them were visibly disappointed they did not receive a trophy. Fix that. It's not a huge investment to have trophies for all winners and it pays off big time in recognition of the painters and helps legitimize your event.

2) Winners and Categories. 
There was one guy who won both silver and gold in the same category. This just doesn't feel right. Seems like you should only be able to submit one entry per category. One guy entered multiples in some of the categories and he was a lot better than everyone so he kind of monopolized the categories that he entered. This was totally within the rules so no fault on him, but I think it should be changed. One entry per category would be best. 

3) Airbrushes. 
OK I just got to say it was a little ridiculous to see one guy win four identical airbrushes for each of his golds. I think they should make it so you can win multiple golds but only one airbrush. Is this sour grapes? No I don't think so. Just was odd to see one guy walking home with four brushes.

4) Display cases
One of the reasons I want to participate in painting competitions is because I want to see everyone's entries. The display cases weren't really good for displaying miniatures. They only had one light at the top of the case and the models in the top shelves shaded all the others below them, making it tough to see all the entries. First world problem, not a biggie. 

What I liked:
This competition was professionally run. It stuck to a pre-determined schedule and the rules were crystal clear. They had pictures of the entries as awards were being given and I liked the way they ran the awards ceremony, while it was long, it was efficient and fast-paced.
The highlight of the competition was meeting and hanging out with other painters. I really enjoyed chatting about painting, getting feedback, sharing feedback. I wish I had been able to chat with the judges about my entries, but unfortunately it was late after awards and everyone was visibly tired. 

Lastly I wanna give a shout out to Secret Weapon, Jawaballs and Grex. Thank you all so much for supporting the competition. I am super-psyched to have a full-scale painting competition close to home. Look for me next year, I'm going to start prepping now. You're gonna be wowed! 
Congratulations to the whole NOVA Staff. I really think you guys pulled off a high level event. Take a vacation and start planning next year.

Next post: Redemption of the Fallen re-cap!

For now, enjoy these shitty pictures I took with my phone.


Dan (nyhil) said...

Looks like some really beautiful entries! I am jealous of all the classes you guys got to take, as well. Damn you employment!

G Red said...

Trophies for first place, medals of some sort for 2nd and 3rd. Simples.

Stuck to schedule. Hmmm. Nice there was no outside meddling this time. Good to see that fixed.

Congrats on the win. Post photos of your entries, winnings, etc. Pix are always good.

So, how many people entered?

dan withers said...

Great stuff mate!! Glad you took some silverware home and that your minis survived the titanic temper tantrum!
Dying to know how the redemption army finished regarding amount raised for charity...dontbforget to show some more pics of your winners!