Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MechaFront in Green and More Sculpting

Ones thing I've learned about doing hobby, art, science, life or anything really...is to be patient with yourself. You're not going to be a master on the first day. Or the second day. Might take years.

Starting with sculpting at such a small scale, this is true as well. The work here is simple, the details look funny and the lines aren't straight but I'm having fun.
On to MechaFront. Pre-shaded and then made a translucent mix of paint by mixing with lots of satin varnish. Man, that reminds me I promised a post on mediums! Some day!

Have a gander-


Tael said...

Looking good all round, enjoying seeing the build for the tau fighter come along. The Goshawks are looking impressive already :)

The Prodigal Player said...

Ha! You have stray Infinity cards strewn about too.

SilenzZzz said...

on the mini you are sculpting on, where are those legs from???

Tim said...

Those are from the plastic tau stealth suit kit from gamesworkshop.