Sunday, September 15, 2013

Where the Magic Happens

Sometimes I just really like seeing people's desktops. Where they work and how everything is set up. So I decided to show you all where I do my stuff. It's a really small, cramped storage space in my apartment in Bethesda, Maryland. My wife and I managed to score an affordable apartment right in the center of town, and it had this little space that I immediately claimed as my work area.

Here is a canvas I took up for practicing out my airbrushes. I now have multiple airbrushes by I still mostly use my first one - an Iwata Eclipse. The Grex Genesis I won at NOVA has only been open and inspected. He'll probably get use on those Paulson Games Mechafront models you can see on my desk. 

Lots of sculpting tools are strewn about since I've been delving into sculpting. Making conversions a lot lately so this was a natural step for me. There sometimes just aren't bits that work for your conversions, you know. So I started that I need to get better at sculpting. I use both milliput and magi-sculp, which I really love. It's so easy to work with. I can't really describe's just less sticky than green stuff and seems to take water better so you can smooth things out better. 
 Here are those Paulson MechaFront models I was telling yall about. Very nice models. I love the casting work and the designs are great. Next step for Paulson I think should be adding more dynamism to the mecha, but for his first full models, these are simply awesome. Paulson is going to be using these models for demo games so you might just see them on a tabletop near you. Certainly at Adepticon. I hope I didn't goof on the bases. The trick is converying the appropriate scale through the bases. These mecha are 15mm "gruntz"scale and you can't just throw coarse sand on them and expect it to look right. I chose to use really fine dirt so that the grains would not be noticeable but it'd still look like natural earth. Hope it succeeds in maintaining the scale.

Many people purchase flock - what a mistake! Dirt, sand and soil are free-est things in the world! Even those rocks are things I collected from Mother Earth. Thanks, lady!
 My Japanese Sectorial army for Infinity is started to shape up. I want to get all the models assembled and primed so I can paint them all at once - army painter style. Rare for me but I want cohesion.
 This gal is like spiderman on a bike!
 Spitfire version - enemies beware!


G Red said...

The secret to working in small spaces is organization and tidiness. At least it was for me. And overhead storage.

Yes nature does provide :) We all have a bit of the Hunter-gatherer in us still, eh?

Pete W said...

I'd forgotten about your small work space. I still remember you guys moving in there and us not having time to geek out and go through your bits because we had to be adults and finish unloading all the boring things (like furniture and beds).

Awesome work as usual. It seems like a lot of people are getting into the airbrushing scene. Perhaps I should head that way as well.

All the best

Pete :-)