Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More work on the MechaFront Raptors. These models are just lovely. Lots of great shapes and angles make them ideal for airbrush work.

Thank god I got a new air compressor. The replacement part to my last one was impossible to find. I'm not really in the position to purchase a brand new one so I went to Craig list. Found a used Iwata Smart Jet for 195. I offered 100. So now I have a new Smart Jet and it is delightfully quiet.

I ditched the camo pattern for now. Cobalt sent me some good reference pics but I just couldn't get it to look right. Not sure camo works with this scale. 

Tried out some minitaire airbrush colors. Very nice. I still had to mix with Satin Varnish to make the finish right. 

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Cobalt Cannon said...

Hi Tim,

So what was it specifically that you didn't like about the camouflage that you had before? Were the colors to contrasting, too saturated maybe?

One trick that helps with 15mm military models, is to desaturate the color by adding grey to it (Fortress grey or some light grey)or also adding the base color for your camo to every additional color (Iraqi Sand or whichever tan you use) so that the colors integrate better. This works in the same way a filter does. It makes the scheme look more realistic.

Also research modern military armor that is camo painted for examples.

I hope this inspires you some.