Sunday, October 6, 2013

More work on MechaFront

Trying to get the colors right on this one. Wanted to do camo, but not seeing it work out.

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Cobalt Cannon said...

Hi Tim!

I understand your desire to satisfy a particular impression of an end result that you have in your mind, but that camo is actually perfect so far.

That's how camo is supposed to look so that it works. All I would suggest is to put a third color in that camo scheme. Maybe a mid brown, dark brown, or black. Even a light grey would work great. This color should be applied as sort of a compliment to the camo lines you already have painted. These lines should flow with the camo scheme, but be smaller in width and length than the green stripes. They might even flow along side areas of the green striping. Make the lines thinner than the green and somewhat randomly branch off slightly. I'll try to find a comparable scheme to what I am thinking of and email it to you for a suggestion.

What you have done so far looks really good. I wouldn't change it, except to complete it. hehehe