Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Farsight Enclave Photodump

The first batch of the Farsight Enclave commission is complete. On to the second part, another Riptide and a host of drones. 

I thought I would show you the group and some WIP shots. If you have any questions about how I did something, ask in the comments section. Though I think it is pretty self-evident from the photos. There's not a lot of magic tricks to it, just careful airbrush work and brushwork. 

One of the great things about this commission is that it paid for some of my wife's urgently needed dental work. She comes from Slovakia, "a land untouched by modern dentistry." Just kidding, they actually have good dentists there, I just like to push her buttons.

If you're interested in a commission, I do my absolute best (that's why it takes longer than the big studios) and you support a family. I guess that is a plus. 

Pricing if you're curious. I charge the retail price of the model for painting (not the price you paid, but the manufacturer listed price, not warstore's for example).
Assembly is extra on top of that.


Anonymous said...

Love that red.

Nitronik said...

Do you do international Commissions, say to the UK?

Tim said...

Yes and I think the exchange might be favorable to the UK. email me at timandlucka at gmailicus doticus comicus

Mech Dude said...

Tim painted some of the models for my Mecha Front game and they came out really nice so I can vouch for his skill. Really enjoy his work and it gets a lot of compliments from people.

I definitely give his work a high recommendation. :)

Mech Dude said...

Really liking how the riptide came out.

Seeing the red in progress is interesting as before you add in the other colors it almost looks like the model is covered in pastel dust.

Once you hit the other areas with color it really ties everything together nicely and suddenly the red has much more depth to it. Very cool to see how you build it up step by step.

William Jameson said...

Loving the Riptide, beautiful reds and a great base - Mind if I ask what you used for the base, by the way?

Tim said...

Base is resin from secret weapon I think. I painted it with some old GW paints - adeptus battlegrey, devlan mud wash and astronomicon grey. The yellow dirt area was painted with vallejo desert yellow and a devlan mud wash. Then I used pigments for the dust.

iPaintStuff said...

awsome work tau of war!
really loving that red, do you think you could tell me what airbrush you use?
also how you painted the white helmets, green osl, silver nmm and that blue/black on the riptides arm? thanks, aprreciate it ;)

Tim said...
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Tim said...


I use a Iwata eclipse with vallejo air paints. Both are great products but I would suggest looking at Badger airbrushes as they are basically the same and have a more reasonable price (they aren't made in Japan).

Basecoat: Vallejo Model Color: Deck Tan
Line recesses with black (any black).
Highlight with Vallejo Model Color: ivory.
Hghlight again with white (any white will do).

Green osl:
Airbrush white first. Very lightly around the area that you want to glow.
Airbrushed on Camo green. then I airbrushed on GW scorpion green.
Then got a normal brush and highlighted the center of the glow with scorpion green and white.

Silver NMM:
With airbrush
Basecoat: Vallejo Air German Grey
Highlight: Vallejo Air Light Grey.
HIghlight: Vallejo Model Color Ivory

With standard brush.
Outline with black.
Edge Highlight with white. Done.

Base coat: black
HIghlight with GW hawk turquoise.
Then edge highlight with GW hawk turquoise + white.

iPaintStuff said...

thanks for the painting guide, could you also please tell me how you painted the red? and if the preshading was zenithal, or something different?
thanks, you've been very helpful ;)

Tim said...

Actually there was no pre-shading, it was primed in white thats it. I used Vallejo Model Air Scarlet, and shaded it by mixing with purple. It's hard to describe how I did it. Basically I started with the lightest colors and then shaded down.